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  • How to use Cubase VST on a computer without printer port

    Problem: You cannot connect the Cubase VST dongle because your new computer does not provide a LPT (Line Printer Terminal) resp. parallel port.

    Solution 1: Give your contemporary computer a contemporary Cubase version that comes with an USB dongle, the so called USB-eLicenser.

    Solution 2: Equip your computer with a LPT port by installing a corresponding PCI card. However, the compatibility of an upgraded LPT port with the Cubase VST dongle cannot be guaranteed. USB-based LPT port emulations are generally unsuitable!

    Solution 3: We can provide you with an activation code as a replacement. With this code you can download a Cubase VST 5, Cubase VST Score 5 or Cubase VST/32 5 license to a USB-eLicenser.

    Please note that a replacement is only possible with the blue LPT dongle which comes with one of the named Cubase VST 5 versions! Previous Cubase licenses on red LPT dongles cannot be replaced!  

    For the conversion to USB-eLicenser you'll need:

    • Any computer running Windows XP with internet access and USB port.
    • The blue LPT dongle with a valid Cubase VST 5, Cubase VST Score 5 or Cubase VST/32 5 license.
    • An USB-eLicenser. If you do not already own one, you can get it from your local Steinberg dealer and in our Online Shop.
    • The eLicenser Control Center. You can download the latest version here.

    Please consider that the development of Cubase VST 5 has been ceased in 2002! The compatibility of the program is not affected by storing the license on an USB-eLicenser. The latest supported and thus recommended operating system is and will be Windows XP, even though in many cases, Cubase VST 5 can be used on later Windows versions.

    In principle, support for Cubase VST 5 in addition to this article cannot be provided.

    And this is how you do it:

    • Damage the dongle in a way that it becomes obviously unusable. For example, two or three hammer blows on the dongle wrapped in a newspaper should do the trick.
    • Send a picture of the destroyed (!) dongle to this address. Please make sure that the label showing the Cubase version can be seen clearly.
    • Now some patience is required. Your application will be reviewed and once you have received the Activation Code, you may proceed.
    • Install the eLicenser Control Center on a suitable computer (see above).
      It is not necessary to install Cubase VST in order to be able to download the license!
    • Plug in the USB-eLicenser.
      When Windows notifies that new hardware has been connected dismiss the suggested search for software. Click on [Next] and let Windows Hardware Detection automatically install the driver.
    • Start the eLicenser Control Center via Start > Programs > eLicenser. 
    • Click on "Enter Activation Code" and, well, enter the activation code you've received.

      Important: The license download can only be processed online!


                  The blue Cubase VST 5 LPT Dongle and his USB successor, the USB-eLicenser.

    After the transfer is completed you can use the USB-eLicenser for activating any Cubase VST 5 installation (correpsonding to the license) on any suitable computer.

    Last but not least: Solutions 1 and 3 do not exclude each other. Of course you can transfer the Cubase VST 5 license to a USB-eLicenser that came with a current Cubase version that you've purchased.


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