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Steinberg announces acquisition of Syncrosoft eLicenser technology

Hamburg, December 1 2008 – Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH today announced that it has acquired the eLicenser technology of crypto and security solutions provider Syncrosoft ( for an undisclosed sum. The assets acquired from Syncrosoft include the eLicenser development team and know-how behind the successful USB and Soft-eLicenser products used by Steinberg and several other companies. Steinberg will offer the eLicenser solution to third parties, which will continue to utilize the MCFACT™ technology.

“We’re very pleased to open up a new area of business for Steinberg, namely to offer an outstanding eLicensing solution to the audio industry and beyond,” says Andreas Stelling, Steinberg’s General Manager. “We want to add further services to the existing solution, and in doing so to offer more benefits for end customers. We’re looking forward to working with all current Syncrosoft eLicenser customers, and to expanding this platform over the long term. Steinberg software customers will also benefit from this acquisition, as it will improve the integration of the eLicenser solution within our software products,” Stelling continues.

“This measure allows Syncrosoft to focus entirely on the areas of program code transformation (MCFACT™) and white-box cryptography, and here we shall maintain support for Steinberg. Syncrosoft will continue to provide the eLicensing solution to customers outside the music software segment as an option for MCFACT™-protected applications, obtaining the USB-eLicenser from Steinberg,” comment Wulf Harder and Bernd Peeters, Syncrosoft’s founders and Managing Directors.