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From professional mastering engineers working on high quality CD and DVD productions to music aficionados who are looking to restore favorite records or even create podcasts on the fly, WaveLab provides a plethora of tools which will most certainly meet all requirements and surpass expectations while seamlessly integrating into existing studio setups.

The Most Flexible Way of Project Organisation

Perfect workflow, custom-made — WaveLab is equipped with a user interface, comprising four different Workspaces, named Audio File, Audio Montage, Batch Processor and Podcast. Each Workspace is dedicated to a specific job within WaveLab and provides a rich toolset for the respective tasks. Each Workspace is fully customizable, which makes it easy to adapt the user interface to your requirements and workflows. 

Audio File Workspace

The Audio File Workspace is the perfect place for sample-accurate audio editing and high quality analysis. Once you insert an audio file, all the advanced WaveLab  tools and functions are available to analyze, edit and process the material. Several function tabs and options, such as marker management or the File Browser tab, are readily accessible and streamline the workflow.

Audio Montage Workspace

The Audio Montage Workspace allows you to create a compilation from multiple audio files. It allows real-time fades and cross fades, clip-based effects, several edit-tools and global effect plug-ins within the Master Section. A dedicated, clip based tool window, including Edit, Cue Point, Envelope, Fade In/Out and Colors sections, facilitates and speeds up your workflow dramatically.

Batch Processor Workspace

The Batch Processor Workspace is one of the most powerful tools within WaveLab. The Batch Processor Workspace is divided into three main areas: On the left side, the process chain can be fueled with plug-ins, such as the new VST3 effects, and further WaveLab functions and processors. The right window is reserved for the insertion of audio files. In the section below, the user can define output paths, formats and include external tools. 

Podcast Workspace

The Podcast Workspace is a complete online publishing toolset and allows you to create and publish podcasts in the internet. The simple and intuitive interface lets you produce podcasts from A to Z without ever quitting WaveLab 7. Built-in FTP capabilities, RSS 2.0 support and time-saving templates. And with an iTunes account at hand, it is even possible to publish podcasts on iTunes, including the selection of specific iTunes categories.

WaveLab Control

For even more convenience, the WaveLab Control section lets the user group a freely selectable range of analysis tools in a dedicated space, which can be detached and moved to another display.

WaveLab Control is the perfect tool to organize WaveLab’s studio-grade analyzing tools such as spectroscope, VU metering, oscilloscope, waveform display, spectrum metering, phase correlation tool and bit-metering. Individual combinations of analyzing tools can be saved and recalled at any time, enabling the usage of several analyzing settings for different purposes. 

Audio Restoration

Restoration Suite Made by the Specialists of Sonnox

Clicks, crackles and buzzes — with the Sonnox Restoration Suite unwanted noise is history. WaveLab boasts a whole collection of high-end restoration tools, enabling the user to accurately and effectively restore impaired audio recordings.

Developed by the Sonnox specialists, DeNoiser, DeBuzzer and DeClicker are capable of removing even the harshest noises without affecting the ambience of the original. Advanced algorithms, a straightforward user interface and detailed visual feedback make this suite the first choice for the most demanding audio restoration works.

Flexible user interface

WaveLab’s user interface approach offers unprecedented flexibility when it comes to the customization of tools and workspaces. Windows can be resized, grouped and moved like fluid within the application. Even the Master section can be dragged and dropped freely — while other windows will automatically adjust their size.

Connect to the core of WaveLab

WaveLab comes with a comprehensive remote control support, perfectly integrated with your CI, CMC series and CC121 controller hardware. Adjust plug-in parameters, volume levels or the stereo pan — faster and more convenient than before. Enjoy using the transport controls of the CC121 or the CMC series — everything’s at hand. 
Best of all, WaveLab also supports the AI knob technology, allowing you to seamlessly control all program parameters with one central knob directly from your Steinberg controller hardware. 
Of course, WaveLab is also ready to be used with up to three other MIDI-based control surfaces supporting the MIDI learn function, which lets you easily assign the controls of your hardware to a specific parameter within the application. You can control these parameters with modifiers such as the keyboard or MIDI pedals. And the comprehensive Control Maps editor allows for even more detailed individual adjustments, giving you hands-on control within seconds. This can be done even with iPad controllers (by using MIDI bridge).

Speed up your production process

WaveLab features an enhanced DDP file workflow. Once you have created a new DDP file, WaveLab automatically offers a button that let’s you import the DDP file directly into the Audio Montage area for further adjustments.

After importing DDP files, WaveLab now labels clips and markers with more appropriate names, allowing you to easily identify the imported files. Last but not least, WaveLab brings enhanced file quality by offering an option to verify the DDP file checksum.

64-bit on Mac and PC

WaveLab 8 and WaveLab Elements 8 are available as 64-bit versions for Mac OS X (10.8) and Windows 8 platforms. Edit hundreds of tracks simultaneously, handle extensive batch processes or analyze and restore audio material with utmost precision — with the advent of 64-bit support, your WaveLab experience will be faster than ever.