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VST Connect PRO

In the following description, “Studio” refers to the audio engineer / computer running VST Connect PRO as plugin in Cubase. “Performer” refers to the musician / computer running the VST Connect Performer component. (The VST Connect Performer application can be downloaded here.)

Known Issues

  • Studio receives the following error message:
    “Continuous Sample Rate mismatch: please change either your sample rate to 44100 or the Artists’ rate to yours!”

    Make sure that studio and performer have the same sample rate setups (before starting the application on both systems). The sample rate of the ASIO-driver cannot be configured within the VST Connect PRO plugin but can be set in the preferences of the individual ASIO-drivers. Where you can find the preferences differs from driver to driver. Mac: “Applications” > “Utilities” > “Audio MIDI Setup”. Win: “Start” > “Control Panel” > “Driver of your audio interface / soundcard”.

  • The recordings have drop-outs and crackle.

    De-activate the ASIO-Guard in Cubase > “Devices” > “Device Setup” > “VST Audio System”.
    (Downloading the HD-audio files will also provide Studio with the recordings saved on the performer system.)


  • The pre-count will not be heard by the performer.
  • Cycle-recording is currently not possible.
  • Switching to Multi-Track Recording in VST Connect PRO means that you cannot switch back to the earlier view. However, all functions are available in this view as well.
  • Recordings are currently saved on the Performer system at the following locations:

    Mac: “Documents” > “VSTConnectPerformer” > “audio”
    Win: “C:\Users\<user profile name>\Documents\VSTConnectPerformer\audio”

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