The world of music cloud collaboration

Imagine making music with virtually anyone — no matter where they are, no matter what DAW they use. With VST Transit, this dream turns into a reality that exceeds all your expectations. VST Transit ushers in a cloud collaboration service that can't be topped! Connect with musicians and producers you would possibly not meet in real life; collaborate with friends and strangers sharing the same common interest; and contribute to each others' projects!

Find fellow musicians, producers and singers

Work together in the cloud

Included in Cubase Pro and Artist

Plug-in version and iOS app available

VST Transit Go - Mobile Audio Collaboration App

VST Transit Go transforms your iPad into a mobile music collaboration device, letting you conveniently find fellow musicians, producers and singers. Start or join a song project and seamlessly exchange and work on your music creations together. Record, edit and share or simply stay in touch with like-minded. VST Transit Go is all about you and your friends having fun at being creative, making music together and sharing ideas. Easily expand on the tool set by snapping up the in-app purchases that are tailor-made to suit your needs. VST Transit Go has everything you need to free your ideas anywhere and at all times.

Find fellow musicians, producers and singers from around the world and across the street, with a global list of artists in your pocket.

Search and find music collaborators that need your talent.

Capture your musical ideas anywhere and anytime.

Add audio tracks to your projects.

Direct messaging: Stay in touch with your VST Transit friends at all times.

VST Transit Join - Cloud collaboration Plug-in

VST Transit Join beta is the latest addition to our cloud collaboration service. Based on our VST Transit technology that has been providing seamless cloud storage while delivering a unique opportunity to share and work on Cubase projects together, VST Transit Join beta now extends this world of next-generation collaboration to allow other DAWs to tap in on this new creative avenue. With VST Transit Join beta, there are no boundaries between different music production systems. Plug it into any VST3, AU or AAX supporting DAW to get connected with the global community of Cubase users and start being creative together!

Collaborate across many DAWs without boundaries.

Search for musicians, producers and singers from all over the world and get creative with them straightaway.

Present your musical talent to music collaborations that are looking for your skills.

Add up to four mono or stereo audio tracks to your projects.

Direct messaging: Stay in touch with your VST Transit friends at all times.

Cubase is in the cloud! With its innovative approach to cloud-based musical collaboration, VST Transit has started to revolutionize production approaches and workflows between individual musicians, band members, even producers.

Embedded into the latest versions of Cubase, VST Transit offers an unprecedented cloud service that enables the upload of audio and MIDI tracks to cloud storage. Work on projects from different locations, and sync and share changes with band members working on the same project. VST Transit is only one of the tools within Cubase, and the possibilities are endless!

VST Transit Premium Accounts & Traffic upgrade

VST Transit is the groundbreaking cloud collaboration service that brings together musical talent from all over the world. VST Transit includes 750 MB storage space and 1.5 GB monthly download traffic. Expand the VST Transit capabilities and meet larger demands for download traffic and storage space by upgrading to VST Transit Premium. Choose from the available VST Transit Premium accounts that are tailored to meet your needs.

VST Transit Premium accounts offer 7.5 GB storage space and 30 GB monthly download traffic over a duration of 3 or 12 months. All Premium packages include 50 projects, unlimited tracks and multi-track-recording. If your traffic volume is used up before the monthly traffic period ends, just purchase the VST Transit Premium Traffic upgrade whenever you like.


Important information

Premium account usage period

The Premium account usage period starts on the date of activation for the number of months purchased.

Traffic volume

Traffic volume specifies download traffic only. Upload traffic is free and limitless.

The VST Transit Premium Traffic upgrade

The VST Transit Premium Traffic upgrade requires a VST Transit Premium account.

When your premium account ends

If the VST Transit Premium account is not renewed at the end of a Premium account usage period, all stored media data, such as audio files, will be deleted. The account will reset to a free account and Project files will remain available to the account.