WaveLab - The Number One Mastering Software

Mastering is one of the most important parts of the music production process. It is a unique art and, for 25 years, WaveLab has been the number one choice for mastering professionals. WaveLab is a complete mastering solution, with every tool that you will ever need to cover your workflow from start to finish.
With the support of a global network of mastering engineers who all use it, WaveLab is the key to making every aspect of your masters truly professional.

High-end mastering and editing for digital distribution, CD, Vinyl and more

Assemble different tracks to create an entire album

Exceptional metering, real-time FX, offline processors, restoration tools

Flexible integration of external hardware effects

Discover a world of applications

Discover a world of applications

WaveLab is much more than the master of mastering. Its modular approach allows you to use different parts of its comprehensive feature set in every area of professional audio production. Whether it’s sample-accurate editing, precise spectral changes, audio restoration, forensic analysis of sound files and many other uses, WaveLab has the tools to do the job incredibly accurately and intuitively.

Application Areas

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