Multi-channel interleaved support

WaveLab Elements 11 introduces extended support for multi-channel interleaved files and, for the first time, multi-channel interleaved editing in the Audio Editor. Supporting up to 5.1 surround layouts of WAV files, you can open, edit and save multi-channel files like any other set of mono/stereo files. With comprehensive controls to make precise editing easier, you can also work only on selected channels with external editors. In the Audio Montage, you can automatically split multi-channel audio files into mono or stereo clusters for faster file import. It also allows you to use plug-ins to process channel clusters independently of one another.

Keep track of your audio

WaveLab Elements 11 features a complete range of new metering displays derived from the professional WaveLab Pro application, allowing you to keep track of the level, spectrum and phase of your audio at any time.

Effortlessly clean and enhance your audio

WaveLab Elements features a new, easy-to-use collection of real-time audio processes, radically simplifying the enhancement of audio tracks with straightforward “one knob” controls. The new Clean and Enhance sections provide quick and easy ways of cleaning up and improving the quality of audio recordings. You can EQ your audio, enhance the presence of speech using the Voice Exciter or give it more punch using the Maximizer. The clean section helps you remove background noise or hum — all without needing deep technical knowledge!

Advanced sound manipulation

A comprehensive array of seven new VST 3 plug-ins have been added to WaveLab Elements 11, delivering even greater possibilities for the most surgically precise sound-shaping. The tools include a professional DeEsser, Expander, Mix6to2, MonotoStereo and a pleasing PingPong delay.

Made for podcasters and vloggers

If you create podcasts or content for social media, WaveLab Elements is an ideal solution to ensure your video has the best sound. Uncompromising quality, intelligibility, clarity and great content are mandatory to win over new subscribers. Derived from WaveLab Cast, the new tools in WaveLab Elements help you to create podcasts and interviews of highest quality and allows for straightforward recording, editing, refinement and publishing.

Create stunning podcasts

WaveLab 11 comes with the same podcast features as the dedicated WaveLab Cast. Capture audio directly in WaveLab Elements 11 in up to 96 kHz/32-bit quality or import audio recordings from a mobile phone or handheld recorder, ready to be enhanced and refined using the collection of one-knob tools or included VST 3 plug-ins. After polishing the sound, you might want to add further background effects, jingles, intro-scenes or music. The new ducking system lowers music or other audio elements when speech is detected on the voice track, making sure that that the voice can be heard clearly at any time. Finally, you can directly upload your podcasts from within WaveLab to multiple popular podcast hosts, among them Buzzsprout, PodBean, SoundCloud and Spreaker.

Seamless video support for vlogging

A must-have feature for vloggers, WaveLab Elements 11 comes with comprehensive video file support. Part or all of a video file’s audio can be replaced with sound that’s newly recorded, from a content library or any other source. The original audio can also be refined and replaced with an edited version, without changing the video quality. Importing, editing and rendering are straightforward. This way you guarantee best audio quality for your best video.

New dithering

With new LIN One dithering, WaveLab Elements 11 replaces outdated dithering plug-ins. Developed by the plug-in specialists at MAAT Incorporated, the new dithering plug-in delivers top-notch results.

Further improvements

WaveLab Elements 11 comes with a new start-up assistant, VST 3 plug-in improvements, unlimited file size support, improved input assignment, channel management and multicore processing for audio montages.