The UR-RT Audio Interfaces
With Rupert Neve Designs Transformers

The premium UR-RT series provides high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity and successfully combine rugged durability, easy connection to mobile devices, such as laptops and iPads, with superb sound quality. Added to the high-quality D-PRE preamps, the inclusion of switchable Rupert Neve Designs transformers on the front inputs adds exceptional musicality, expressiveness and rich harmonics, delivering the most professional sound for your music projects.

24-bit/192 kHz

Class-A D-PRE mic preamps

Rugged metal casing

Rupert Neve Designs transformers

The UR-RT Family In Detail

General Features

  • 24-bit/192kHz USB 2.0

    The premium 24-bit converters used in the UR-RT series deliver superb audio quality, with a resolution of up to 192 kHz.

  • Class-A D-PRE mic preamps

    Professional-grade D-PRE microphone preamps from Yamaha give your recordings beautiful transparency and detail, without ever coloring the signal.

  • RND Transformer

    The Rupert Neve Designs transformer adds a natural distortion to the signal, delivering a sound with more depth and perspective.

  • Compatible with all major audio software

    UR-RT audio interfaces are compatible with all major DAWs and other audio software, fitting seamlessly into your system.

  • iOS ready via CC Mode

    CC mode allows you to connect an iOS device for recording with UR-RT interfaces.

  • Latency-free monitoring with DSP effects

    Your monitoring will feel entirely natural, with DSP effects providing precisely the sound you want while the pristine signal is recorded.

  • High speed USB 2.0

    High speed USB 2.0 provides fast, reliable connectivity between your UR-RT interface and computer or iOS device.

  • Loopback function for streaming

    The UR-RT interface Loopback function offers an easy way to stream performances live to the Internet.

Included Software

  • Cubase AI

    Based on the award-winning Cubase Pro, a powerful Mac/Windows software solution for studio-quality audio and MIDI recording, editing, mixing and scoring.

  • Cubasis LE

    Designed for creating professional music productions on your iPad, Cubasis LE features quick and easy operation to make recording, editing and mixing a breeze.

  • Bundled effects plug-in suite

    VST 3 and AU versions of the REV-X reverb, the Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip and the Guitar Amp Classics suite of amp simulations are included

  • dspMixFx mixing application

    dspMixFx offers latency-free monitoring, plus control of all routing, settings and the onboard DSP-based reverb, channel strip and guitar amp simulation plug-ins within the UR-RT interface.

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