4 x 2 USB Audio Interface

Whether you are a musician or producer, the UR242 offers much more than just a portable I/O device or audio interface; it’s a complete mobile production solution. Giving you fantastic audio quality, flexible inputs and outputs with advanced DSP-based effects, it’s a remarkably cost-effective solution to all musical situations.

24-bit/192 kHz for pristine sound quality

Four inputs, two with professional D-PRE mic preamps

HighSpeed USB 2.0

Rugged, compact build

DSP-based latency-free monitoring with FX


Ultra-rugged build

The robust metal casing and exceptional build quality of UR interfaces makes them rugged enough to

Latency-free monitoring with DSP effects

The built-in DSP of the UR interface provides zero-latency monitoring with effects for every DAW

High speed USB 2.0

UR interfaces feature high speed USB 2.0, which provides fast, reliable and seamless connectivity

24-bit/192 kHz audio resolution

The premium converters used in the UR-series deliver great audio quality, thanks to a maximum

Class-A D-PRE mic preamps

The UR series features Yamaha’s highly acclaimed D-PRE preamps, offering recording quality

Compatible with all major audio software

The UR242 interface is compatible with all major audio software which supports the ASIO, Core

iOS ready via CC Mode

You can combine UR units with an audio application like Steinberg’s Cubasis for iPhone and iPad



Cubasis LE included

The UR seamless integration with iPhone and iPad is enhanced by the inclusion of Cubasis LE, for

Cubase AI

Based on Steinberg’s award-winning advanced music production system Cubase Pro, Cubase AI is a

dspMixFx mixing application

Thanks to the built-in DSP chip and inclusion of dspMixFx technology*, most UR interfaces provide


Guitar Amp Classics

Guitar Amp Classics are guitar amplifier effects that make extensive use of advanced Yamaha


Optimized for clean tones, this amp effectively simulates the tight brilliance of transistor


This is the amp type to use when you want lightly overdriven crunch tones. It simulates the type


The DRIVE amp type provides a selection of distortion sounds that simulate the tonal character of


This amp type simulates a high gain tube amp that is rich in overtones. Ideally suited to playing

Bundled effects plug-in suite*

Most interfaces come with both VST 3 and AU versions of the onboard DSP plug-ins, providing

REV-X reverb

The REV-X built into UR interfaces is a complex reverb algorithm, renowned for its high-density


Advantages of using the UR242

A pro studio at home

At the same time as you’re thinking about what audio interface to choose, you’re probably thinking about today’s DAWs, virtual instruments and boutique effect plug-ins which offer the kind of audio quality equal to top studios, even when used with a modestly-priced laptop or iOS device. Are you looking for a compact, portable audio interface with functionality and sound quality to match? Built to a truly professional standard, the UR242 is designed to offer the audio aficionado a cost-effective, mobile solution to seamlessly match the extraordinary audio quality and flexibility of today’s best music production software.

The guitar and bass pro

Whether you’re laying down studio guitar tracks or playing live through your laptop as a flexible digital guitar amp, the UR242 is designed for you as a guitar player. It includes DSP-powered, virtual amplifier FX to give you a superb, dynamic sound when monitoring, with zero latency. The Guitar Amp Classics FX suite offers four different classic tube amps with full control, the Hi-Z input on Channel 1 lets you plug your electric guitar or bass straight into the interface, while the professional quality D-PRE microphone preamps let you capture the sound of an acoustic instrument in unparalleled, sparkling detail.

Keyboards and stage pianos

As a keyboard or piano player, have you looked at mobile audio interfaces and never found the perfect one? The UR242’s mix of connectivity and portability could be just what you need. Its two line inputs and MIDI port give you parallel recording of the audio signal and MIDI data, ready for further work in your DAW also using VSTis or routing to the main outputs for live gigs, while the professional D-PRE microphone preamps ensure every nuance of an acoustic piano is captured with stunning accuracy. The UR242 is an optimum yet affordable solution for any keyboard player or pianist, wherever you play.