Welcome To Steinberg

A world leader in sound technology, Steinberg has been creating powerful, flexible and easy to use audio software for several decades. From starting out as a musician, producer or sound designer, through to being the most experienced professional, Steinberg is there to support you with the very best apps, sounds, software, hardware and tutorials.

Our Purpose

Steinberg offers the best tools for both aspiring and professional musicians, producers and engineers, being there for them throughout their journey in music and sound. We continue to invest in improving our internal infrastructure and a workplace culture that allows us to excel in catering for the needs of all areas of the company. We aim for a holistic approach to our product portfolio, that covers the entire workflow of music production. We deliver a complete service package around our products that truly sets us apart.

Our Purpose is to deliver the best products and services to those on a creative audio journey.

Our Vision and Values

Steinberg stands for quality and great service for those interested in recording, composing and producing music. Choosing us for the best audio experience available, our customers know and value the consistent product and service delivery that is the foundation of the trust between us. It defines our shared future and vision.

Our Vision is for you to express your creativity with us.

Milestones in Steinberg's History


For many years Steinberg products used the eLicenser system, with its combination of the USB-eLicenser hardware key and the Soft-eLicenser software key. But times change and, in 2022, Steinberg migrates to a new ID-based licensing system. Steinberg Licensing provides customers with easy access and download of purchased software, bringing extra freedom and flexibility to our shared world of audio creativity.