Steinberg offers the best tools for both aspiring and professional musicians, producers and engineers, being there for them throughout their journey in music and sound. We continue to invest in improving our internal infrastructure and a workplace culture that allows us to excel in catering for the needs of all areas of the company. We aim for a holistic approach to our product portfolio, that covers the entire workflow of music production. We deliver a complete service package around our products that truly sets us apart.

Our Purpose is to deliver the best products and services to those on a creative audio journey.


Steinberg stands for quality and great service for those interested in recording, composing and producing music. Choosing us for the best audio experience available, our customers know and value the consistent product and service delivery that is the foundation of the trust between us. It defines our shared future and vision.

Our Vision is for you to express your creativity with us.

Milestones in Steinberg's History


The MIDI standard was still new and computer technology was still in its infancy when Manfred Rürup and Karl “Charlie” Steinberg meet each other at a recording session for a German rock band. Rürup, a professional keyboard player, and Steinberg, an audio engineer, quickly realize that they have a common interest: the possibilities of computers in music production. Both see a huge potential for the then emerging technologies and begin developing the concept for a revolutionary piece of software: the first “MIDI Multitrack Sequencer”.