Cubase 12 features significant new features and workflow enhancements which make composing, recording, and mixing music even more creatively rewarding. From improved MIDI Remote integration and improved editing tools to enhanced audio-to-MIDI and new effects, Cubase 12 will bring your creative ideas to life better - and faster - than ever.

Unlimited Creativity

MIDI Remote integration

MIDI controllers are essential to every music production setup and, in Cubase 12, integrating them has reached a new level. Built around the new concept of MIDI Remote Scripts, Cubase will automatically detect your device and map the controls. If there is no script for your device yet, you can easily create your own with the MIDI Controller Surface Editor. You can then conveniently connect controls and parameters with the Mapping Assistant.

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VariAudio with Scale Assistant

Whether you want to get creative with melodies or correct the pitch of your recordings, the Scale Assistant in VariAudio brings two powerful tools together to make pitch editing a breeze. Just set the scale and follow the Chord Track or let the Scale Assistant suggest the scale, based on your recorded notes. You can then instantly quantize the pitch of your recording or snap the VariAudio pitch editing to the scale. Pitch editing has never been so easy!

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Audio to MIDI chords

Have you forgotten what you just played? Don’t worry. Just drag your audio recording to the Chord Track and Cubase will lay out the chord progression for you. And if the detection does not match your scale, the Chord Assistant can suggest the nearest alternatives based on the following chords. The new Create Chord Events from Audio feature in Cubase blurs the borders between audio and MIDI, letting you focus on the music. Just like it should be.

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FX Modulator

You can really breathe life into your sounds with the advanced, multi-effect modulation of FX Modulator. From classic ducking effects to exciting rhythmic patterns, it offers brand new ways to get creative. Create custom shaped LFOs and modulate up to six integrated effect modules at once. The LFO can also be triggered via MIDI or use one or more side-chain inputs, letting the LFO follow the incoming signals. And if you don’t want to create your own styles, you will find inspiration in many carefully designed presets.

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Goodbye dongle

For many years, the USB eLicenser has been ever-present for the Cubase community. But no longer…

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ARA improvements

ARA Extensions can now be applied at track level, letting you conveniently edit all events within…

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Advanced crossfade editor

The advanced crossfade editor offers more control, new operations and advanced editing, to help…

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New SuperVision modules

We have added several amazingly useful new modules to SuperVision, including a VU meter, spectrum…

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Streamlined Workflows

AudioWarp improvements

You naturally want to create perfect recordings… but we are all human! The Free Warp tool lets you now edit your audio recordings and correct timings directly in the Project window. You can adjust multiple tracks at once in Group Editing, while the new phase-coherent AudioWarp mode helps you avoid phase issues. We have improved the editing workflow in the Sample Editor with new grid options and zoom modes, and streamlined the user interfaces - all helping you to get closer to perfection.


Editing workflow improvements

When deadlines are tight, you need to work fast. We have improved the editing workflows with new functions and key commands to help. The new nudge grid options let you edit independently from the project grid. Additionally, we have added key commands to the Range Selection tool for easier navigation. There are also new key commands to slip event content, adding fades and sizing events with fades. So there are no more excuses for not meeting deadlines (but we won’t tell your clients)!

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Raiser is the latest of Cubase’s dynamic processing tools and we think it might quickly move to the top of your signal chain. Its ultra-fast attack times let you dramatically increase the loudness of your projects, without compromising on transients or transparency. It excels in aggressive limiting for drums and guitars, as well as in smooth processing of vocals and even full mixes. Raiser is a versatile powerhouse that will add the final touch to your mix.


Sample accurate volume automation

Volume automation is now near sample accurate and completely independent from the buffer size.

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Import tracks from project improvements

You can now import tempo and signature tracks from other projects and track archives, making for…

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Bluetooth MIDI in Windows

Cubase now supports MIDI over Bluetooth in Windows 10.

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Audio export with sidechain support

Audio export of individual channels or stems now allows you to print audio, including taking…

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Professional Standards

Logical Editor improvements

Thanks to Cubase’s powerful logical functions, you can customize and build your own workflows in many ways. We have improved the project and MIDI logical editors, the input transformer and the transformer MIDI plug-in with new user interfaces, new preset browsers, and many new functions and filters. We have also created a full set of new presets to get the most from the new features and inspire you to customize your own with ease.


Verve – a sonic masterpiece

A felt piano that is so beautiful and warm, so dreamy and melancholic, so detailed and pure. Recorded in the Yamaha Studios in LA, Verve was created to create a sonic masterpiece that allows you to tell a new story with every single note you play. You can give Verve a new tone by layering it with additional textures, creating never before heard sounds for your compositions. Verve is not just a piano; it is sonic emotions and stories.

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Pro improvements

For audio professionals, we have added several new features from our advanced postproduction system Nuendo. These include the option to add a second video track, a fourth MixConsole, and to export multiple selected events at once. Thanks, Nuendo!


Dolby Atmos® music creation

Dolby Atmos is taking the music industry by storm and, in Cubase 12, you can now produce immersive music for Dolby Atmos completely “in the box”. Assign bed and objects from tracks in existing projects or create entirely new Dolby Atmos projects from scratch. Featuring native integration of the Dolby Atmos Renderer, Cubase 12 allows you to author, mix, and deliver Dolby Atmos compliant immersive source files and, at the same time, the final stems in different surround configurations.


Performance improvements

We are constantly working on the overall performance of Cubase and, with Cubase 12, we are proud…

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Smooth waveform drawing

Cubase 12 introduces new smooth waveform drawing. It’s easier on the eyes and makes it even easier…

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Native Apple silicon support

For those using the latest Macintosh computers, Cubase 12 introduces native Apple silicon support.

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All New Features

  • MIDI Remote integration

    Enhanced external device mapping

  • Improved AudioWarp

    Make recordings even more perfect

  • Scale Assistant in VariAudio

    Makes pitch editing a breeze

  • Improved editing workflow

    To make hitting deadlines easier

  • Audio to chords

    Focus even more on the music

  • Enhanced Logical Editors

    A more customizable experience

  • Raiser

    Powerhouse limiter for the final touch

  • FX Modulator

    Breathes new life into your sounds

  • Verve

    A beautifully atmospheric felt piano

  • Create Dolby Atmos®

    Immersive music completely “in the box”

  • Native Apple silicon

    Support for the latest Macintosh computers

  • New License Management

    No more USB eLicenser dongle!

  • Even more

    A range of other tool and performance improvements

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Grace Period Update

Customers who have activated an earlier Cubase version since November 9, 2021, are eligible for a free, downloadable Grace Period update to Cubase 12.

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What Was New In Cubase 10.5 & 11

  • Advanced Audio Export

    Save time with new export queues.

  • Spectral Comparison EQ

    Clean up your mix more accurately.

  • Colorized Mixer Channels

    Instantly find the channels you are looking for.

  • Retrospective MIDI Record

    Capture your MIDI input, even when you have not started recording.

  • Video Export Render

    Render videos as MP4 (H.264) with 16-bit stereo audio.

  • MultiTap Delay

    Made for musicians with a range of inspiring creative options.

  • Frequency 2

    Amazingly precise dynamic EQ for better mixing.

  • SpectraLayers One

    Remarkable visual editing and audio source separation.

  • Sampler Track 2

    New creative features including slicing, LFOs and legato glide.

  • Imager

    Multiband stereo placement for perfect panning.

  • SuperVision

    Super-flexible, customizable metering.

  • Squasher

    Improve leads, tame bass and enhance reverb for EDM.

  • Global Tracks

    Stay in sync more easily.

  • Multiple Side-Chain

    Improved input architecture.

  • Even more

    Experience a wide range of usability, performance and quality improvements.