Free Sound Pack FAQs

What should I do if I do not receive an email?

Please wait a moment. You should receive a confirmation email with the digital activation code and further instructions shortly. Please also be sure to check your spam folder.

How will I receive the six sound packs?

In the confirmation email you will receive a digital activation code that you can use to get the sound packs in the Steinberg Download Assistant. You will find all the instructions you need to use them in the email.

Do I have to install all six sound packs?

You can choose only the sound packs you want to use in the Steinberg Download Assistant. If you later realize that you want to use the others, you can simply select and install them in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

What if I no longer want to use them, or if I have installed the sound packs by accident?

Each sound pack is listed in the Steinberg Library Manager's 'Cubase/Nuendo' category on your system. They can be deleted from your system here.

I am a Cubase AI or LE user and have already subscribed to the newsletter. Can I still get the free content packs?

If you are already subscribed to the newsletter, we still ask that you sign up for the mailing so that we can send you the download access code (DAC) you need in order to use the content packs.