5 Tips to improve your Songwriting in Cubase

Writing a song is the perfect way to express what you’re feeling and capture the imagination of everyone that hears it. But it takes skill and practice to get there. Here are some ways Cubase can help you to be the best songwriter you can on your musical journey and create something amazing.

#1: Capture your ideas

A great song starts with a simple idea. Capture that idea however you need to - record a vocal phrase, a guitar lick or a great drumbeat, and build your song from there. Let ideas play off each other, getting inspiration from the way the different parts of your song work together. And be decisive when you need to be if it comes to making changes. Remember, it’s all for the good of the song.

#2: Experiment

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas when you’re creating music. Technology opens up whole new worlds of creative possibilities. Make harmonies from a single vocal, generate chords from a single key, take inspiration from loops and samples. You can mix the electronic and the acoustic, the old and the new. Literally nothing is off limits when you work in Cubase.

#3: Never stop learning

Never stop striving to learn new things about making music. Whether it’s a different way to record your guitars, exploring the possibilities of vocal harmonies or studying how classic tracks have been arranged, music always has something new to teach you and it’s a journey that gets better the more time you spend on it. There’s a whole world of music out there and it has lots to teach you.

#4: Stay focused

Always try to stay focused on the song as a whole and how it makes you feel. Of course you will spend time on the details, changing a drum fill here or a lyric there, but never lose sight of the bigger picture. Your song should inspire you and be something you feel proud to play to the world. A great song can capture your imagination and that of anyone who hears it, so always be striving to achieve that.

#5: Don’t overthink it

The best things don’t always come easy. Sometimes it can feel like you’re reaching your creative limits. Take a little time out for yourself, then come back to a song with a fresh sense of perspective. In almost every case you’ll find that the renewed energy and passion this gives you will help you to break through the barriers and take your music forward.