What's New in Cubasis 3.5

Over the past decade, Cubasis has become established as one of the most complete, popular and intuitive DAWs for iOS, Android and Chromebook. Celebrate its 10th anniversary with us as Cubasis 3.5 continues this success story. Whenever you are ready to create, Cubase 3.5 is there to help when inspiration strikes and make your ideas become reality - on your iPhone, iPad, smartphone, tablet or Chromebook. Come on, let's celebrate...

Let's get started

Great ideas are like butterflies, they fly freely and can be very hard to catch before they’re gone. But if you want to quickly draft a new idea or polish a new track to perfection, Cubasis has you covered. A long press on the Cubasis for iOS app icon opens Quick Actions, allowing you to immediately launch a new Cubasis project with predefined tracks, immediately ready to capture new ideas, or to instantly load the most recent project you have been working on. Then there’s the all-new Cubasis Hub, your in-depth control center for choosing to load new or recent projects, or for browsing through templates and existing projects, tutorials and more.

Be the best

There are many factors which help to make you feel comfortable when creating great tracks. With Cubasis 3.5 there is the assurance that everything works fluently, meaning you can get things done quicker and focus on being creative.
We all know how quickly we can get lost while searching for the right sounds for a new track. Cubasis 3.5 for iOS makes life easier by offering full drag & drop support, while the new metronome sounds let you choose from more than 10 beautiful sound sets, helping to instantly get you inspired whenever you are ready to lay tracks down.
Of course you can update your devices to Apple’s latest iOS 16 or iPad OS 16, if you wish, and Cubasis 3.5 will work just as expected.

Fix it in the mix

Cubasis is designed to keep your focus on creating great tracks, instantly and perfectly. We do not want anything to get in the way of you being creative. Cubasis 3.5 has a range of improvements, ensuring maximum ease of use and unmatched stability. Pairing devices like AirPods or other Bluetooth gear to check out your Cubasis mixes is simple and fast. Connect your mouse or trackpad to scroll like on your desktop. You can disable all effects with one tap when creating stems and there are new setup options, which let you customize Cubasis exctly to your liking. All of these and more make life more simple and intuitive when you are ready to create. For the complete list of improvements, issues and solutions, please visit us at

What Was New In Cubasis 3.4

Ableton Link Support

Make Cubasis on multiple iPad, iPhone and Android devices play in time together. Jam with others who run Link-enabled apps on their devices. Sync Cubasis with multiple applications on the same device… and much more. The sky’s the limit. No matter if you are using iOS, Android, desktop or hardware: Ableton Link support in Cubasis makes staying synchronised with other Link-enabled apps easy and effortless. Simply enable Link and join the party.

What Was New In Cubasis 3.3

Cubasis 3 on Chromebooks

Musical ideas come when you least expect them and are often gone in a flash. With Cubasis, you always have your mobile DAW with you, because Cubasis is available for all your mobile devices. iPad? Check. iPhone? Of course! Android smartphone and tablet? Sure thing! And now we bring one of the fastest, most intuitive and complete mobile DAWs to the world of Chromebooks, too. Welcome Google (again)! Welcome Chrome OS! Cubasis is ready to capture your ideas whenever and wherever you are.

What Was New In Cubasis 3.2

Multicore-rendering and improved AUv3 performance

Create your music without limits. Cubasis gives you the freedom to use many more third-party Audio Unit instruments and effects plug-ins simultaneously than ever before. Multicore rendering support exploits the potential of newer devices to their utmost. What does this all mean for you? Simply focus on your song, and let Cubasis do the rest.

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