Music Notation and Composition Software for macOS, Windows and iPad

Whether you’re writing your first song or scoring the latest blockbuster, Dorico is the smart choice for composition and music notation. With a complete family of apps for iPad, macOS and Windows, there’s a version of Dorico that’s perfect for you today and will grow with you tomorrow.

Every version of Dorico is packed with smart, time-saving features to help you spend less time in front of your computer and more time doing what you love: making music.

Fast and easy to learn

Suitable for every level and type of music

Ideal for learning and teaching

Beautiful, modern design

Find the Dorico version that’s right for you

What can you do with Dorico?

  • Compose

    Dorico is the only music notation software designed from the ground up for composing, and it supports you at every stage in the process. Flexible input and editing tools allow you to change your mind about any decision at any time, and work without constraint.

  • Arrange

    Quickly move music between players, explode or reduce it onto more or fewer instruments. Powerful transformation tools allow you to change tonality, perform inversion, map onto new scales, and more. You can even create fully-voiced parts from chord symbols.

  • Perform

    Dorico comes with hundreds of high-quality sounds, more than 30 effects processors, and a full audio Mixer, plus tools to help you make your music sound as good as it looks. The integrated Key Editor allows you to tweak every aspect of your score’s performance.

  • Share

    Dorico can import MIDI and MusicXML, and export MIDI, MusicXML, audio, and graphics. Whether you’re working on your own or part of a team, it’s easy to get music into the hands of your performers or collaborators. Projects are also fully compatible between desktop and iPad.

  • Publish

    Dorico formats your music beautifully, completely automatically. With Dorico Pro, you have the tools to meet the demands of any publisher, with thousands of options for customization. But you’ll almost never need them – everything looks great by default.

  • Learn

    Dorico is widely used in schools, colleges and universities. It’s perfect for producing learning materials and for building an understanding of music theory. And it’s easy for students to learn with dozens of helpful tutorials and well-structured documentation.