Get Dorico Elements

Dorico Elements allows you to express your musical creativity on a larger canvas, by writing for ensembles of any size. Ideal for composers and arrangers who write for small or medium-sized ensembles and are looking for music notation software that produces beautiful results with the minimum of fuss, Dorico Elements is the perfect accompaniment to your ideas.

No project size limit

More sounds included

More power and options

What Dorico Elements can do for you

  • Great for engraving

    Dorico Elements also includes lots more graphical power, including a dedicated Engrave mode, which allows you to tweak the appearance and position of every item on the page, adjust vertical staff spacing, and horizontal note spacing. And it allows you detailed control over the text and music fonts used in your projects, allowing you to make your projects look just the way you want them to.

  • Great for chamber music

    Write for string quartet, piano trio, brass quartet, or any other chamber ensemble you can imagine. Dorico Elements produces beautiful part layouts for you to print or export as PDF to send to the other members of your ensemble, and it handles transposing instruments for you completely automatically.

  • Great for jazz

    Dorico Elements allows you to write for jazz ensembles of all sizes, from jazz trio all the way up to big band and beyond, and provides great support for jazz notations, including chord symbols, rhythm slashes, special brass techniques, and more. You can also experience the full power of designing your own drum and percussion kits.

  • Great for choral music

    Dorico Elements includes the Soundiron Olympus Choir Micro sample library, providing beautiful, high-quality vocal sounds for HALion Sonic.


There are other music notation applications – but none of them matches up to Dorico in terms of musical intelligence, power, and flexibility. Here are just ten ways that

  • Beautiful by default

    Music in Dorico looks publication-ready as soon as you input it. Every detail of the music’s appearance has been carefully considered by our experienced team and shaped by feedback from professional music engravers with decades of experience. But when you want to tweak, Dorico provides thousands of options to change the appearance of your music.

  • Flexible note input

    Dorico is the only music notation software that is designed first and foremost as an environment for composing and developing your ideas directly at the computer. Packed with powerful tools for copying, modifying, and transforming your music, it provides a deep toolbox that helps you express your ideas as quickly as you think of them.

  • Popovers for quick creation

    Popovers are Dorico’s unique and time-saving way of inputting every marking into your score using a simple, text-based shorthand. Once you master even a few of Dorico’s popovers, it feels like cheating – how can inputting complex music notation be so quick and easy?

  • Arranging tools

    Dorico’s deep musical toolbox provides an almost bottomless array of fun and creative tools for manipulating your music: explode, reduce, swap, paste into voice, copy or move to the next staff, and so much more. You can lengthen and shorten notes at will, remove overlaps or fill gaps in MIDI transcriptions, and so much more.