Dorico SE Free Music Notation Software

Compose, play and print your own sheet music with Dorico SE, the fast, free, easy-to-use music notation software from Steinberg. Including many of the same powerful tools that professionals rely on, Dorico SE is the perfect starting point for producing beautiful scores for up to eight players.

Fast and easy to learn

Free to use, forever

Share your music as PDFs and MP3s

Beautiful, modern design

Compose and arrange music

Whether you’re new to composing or have been writing music for years, you’ll find Dorico SE the perfect environment for producing beautiful sheet music for up to eight instruments. Dorico SE is like an intelligent assistant, not only making sure your musical ideas are expressed as simply as possible, but also laying everything out automatically. Input with the mouse, your computer keyboard, or a MIDI keyboard, and hear it all played back beautifully through HALion Sonic.

Enjoy making your own music

However complex music notation itself might be, music notation software doesn’t have to be hard to learn or use. Dorico SE is easy to learn, with everything you need just a click away, and as you become more familiar with the program, you can unlock the power of dozens of easy to remember key commands to take your use to the next level. Above all, using Dorico SE to write your own music is enjoyable and fun.

Learn a professional tool

Dorico SE is a member of the Dorico product family, and includes many of the unique and powerful features of its big brother, used by professionals in the fields of film and TV, video games, concert music, jazz, music publishing, and teaching. Projects you create in Dorico SE are fully compatible with all other versions of Dorico, so you can easily share projects with other Dorico users – ideal for homework if you have Dorico at school. You can even open full orchestra projects from Dorico Pro in Dorico SE to print them and play them back.

Expand your horizons

Dorico SE includes many of the advanced features found in Dorico Pro, such as its unique Key Editor, where you can create and edit music in the piano roll editor, edit MIDI controllers, dynamics and tempo in graphical editors, and use any VST 3-compatible virtual instruments and effects. Dorico SE is the only free music notation software to incorporate some of the power and flexibility of a sequencer, allowing you to produce great-sounding virtual performances that you can export MP3 files to share online.

Develop your skills

Dorico SE is ready to grow with you as you gain experience. Explore advanced notations, including drum set percussion, guitar tablature, chord symbols and guitar chord diagrams, jazz articulations, nested tuplets, keyboard fingering, and so much more. And when you’re ready to write for more than eight instruments, you can trade up to Dorico Elements to write for ensembles of any size.

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