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Higher education institutions are focused on preparing students for work in the creative industries, and universities and colleges all over the world rely on Steinberg’s tools to help kick-start the careers of aspiring young professionals. Give your students the skills they need to step into the workplace with confidence. Most of Steinberg’s creative software is available with special pricing for education, including flexible multi-seat licensing.

The reference standard for music, post production and notation software

Creative tools for aspiring young professionals

Special pricing for education, including flexible multi-seat licensing

Extensive documentation, video tutorials, and training from our partners

Music production, technology and scoring

Preparing your students for successful careers in the music and entertainment industry, requires hands-on experience with creative, real-world projects and professional-level tools. In any degree program from music production and creative songwriting to technology-aided composition of large-scale projects for film, tv TV and games, your students want to learn on the software that is used by the professionals.

Cubase sets the industry-standard for digital audio workstations (DAW) in the fields of creative music production and composition and is widely used in the music, film, gaming and television industrycreative industries. It comes with everything you need to provide students of undergraduate and graduate degree programs with the latest, most current technologies.

Let your students experience the reference standard for music production software.

Sound design, audio engineering and post-production

Whether you want to focus on creative sound design for media productions, learn professional recording and mixing techniques in surround or binaural audio, Steinberg’s professional tools – Nuendo, WaveLab, and SpectraLayers – are used in post-production for many blockbuster movies and TV shows.

Nuendo features all the functionality of Cubase, plus advanced tools for film, immersive audio and games. It Nuendo powers audio post-production for many blockbuster movies and TV shows, and it can handle every professional workflow, from mastering for Netflix to immersive Dolby Atmos surround sound.

Nuendo and is a crucial part of the audio production pipeline for game development, with its unique integration with Audiokinetic's Wwise platform. Your students can learn the same industry-standard tools used by professionals the world over.

Music notation and composition

For students aspiring to a career as a composer or arranger, or for those looking to move into educating the next generation of musicians, it’s essential to use the tools of the trade.

Dorico is the most sophisticated music notation and composition application available. World-renowned composers working in film, TV and game music rely on Dorico to produce beautiful parts for live recording sessions under the tightest of deadlines. Unique features like automatic condensing of conductor scores and smart cues make producing performance material for the concert hall and theater stage quicker and easier than any competing application.

Ongoing support

Steinberg is committed to helping universities and colleges incorporate music technology into their teaching. Whether you require assistance with deployment and licensing, or want to arrange training for your faculty, we are here to help you.


Schools and higher education institutions looking to purchase multiple licenses for use in classrooms or labs, or for use by faculty or enrolled students, can request a quote from a reseller, or from our online shop.

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