Music technology for schools

Steinberg’s professional tools are used in secondary and high schools all over the world. Whether you are teaching the fundamentals of music theory, exploring composition, or recording and producing, our software will engage your students and help them to achieve their learning outcomes. We can also supply great value, rugged audio hardware that works seamlessly with our software and will stand up to years of daily use in the classroom.

The reference standard for music production and notation software

Creative tools for music production, music theory and composition

Special pricing for education, including flexible multi-seat licensing

Extensive documentation, video tutorials, and training from our partners

Software for your classrooms

If you have a computer lab or devices for student use, you can license Cubase, or Dorico or WaveLab Cast for use on all the computers in your classroom, with inexpensive perpetual licensing – no subscription fees required. Introduce your students to the tools of the trade for creative industries, and allow them to explore the worlds of songwriting, music production, music theory,  and composition, and podcasting.

Software for your teachers

Classroom resources and teaching materials are an essential component of helping students to reach their learning goals. Your teachers can use Dorico to easily produce worksheets and handouts to illustrate musical concepts, or to produce arrangements for school ensembles – then use Cubase to record, edit and share performances by those ensembles. Or use Cubase to create examples of music using the latest software instruments and content that will engage your students.

Learning music by producing your own

Digital music production is an exciting way to spark your student’s creativity and foster high engagement. Both technology and modern music are highly relevant for young people and empowering students to create their own music is an active way to learn music fundamentals, like rhythm, scales, and harmonies. Furthermore, music production encourages students to express themselves, connect with the music they like and build self-esteem.

If you want to offer music production in your classroom Cubase is the ideal software platform. Cubase is the leading digital audio workstation (DAW), with a comprehensive feature set for creative music-making including instruments, sounds and effects.

Available for Windows and macOS, it’s suitable for the classroom, the studio, and for students’ own devices. We can even provide free entry-level Cubase software for your students to use at home.

Teaching composition and music theory with Dorico

Giving your students a grounding in music theory and composition allows them to deepen their appreciation of music and unlock their creativity – whatever kinds of music they enjoy listening to, performing, or want to write.

Packed with unique features, Dorico is the only software that bridges the gap between traditional music notation and DAWs, with its powerful Key Editor that includes familiar piano roll, velocity and MIDI CC editors, providing aural and visual links between music in performance and music on the page. Students will quickly be able to create their own compositions, with assistive features that will help them to write music with confidence.

Dorico is available for iPad, Windows and macOS, with a full product line from entry-level to professional, including free versions that students can download and use at home.

Teaching music creation with Cubasis for iOS and Android

Cubasis is the best-in-class DAW for mobile devices, allowing students to quickly and easily capture ideas and turn them into professional-sounding songs. Cubasis runs on iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, tablet, or Chromebook, so students can work on their projects wherever they are, and with whatever device they have with them. Cubasis projects can be opened in Cubase on Windows or macOS, allowing students to keep working on their project seamlessly when they get back to the lab or classroom.

Expert help and training

Steinberg’s products are backed up by extensive documentation, high-quality tutorial videos, and, if you need it, technical help from our expert support team. Our network of training partners or, in many countries, Steinberg staff can also provide training for your staff, either online or (subject to location and availability) in person at your school. When you choose Steinberg products for your music department, you can be sure that we will provide you with assistance to use them successfully in your teaching.


Schools and higher education institutions looking to purchase multiple licenses for use in classrooms or labs, or for use by faculty or enrolled students, can request a quote from a reseller, or from our online shop.

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