Educational Steinberg Products

Many Steinberg products are available as educational versions at a discounted price. Eligible for educational rebates are teachers, educators, currently enrolled full-time students of universities. Also currently enrolled full-time students and teachers at public and private (music) schools and the SAE Institutes are eligible.

How to obtain an educational product:

For the purchase of educational products, you need to provide proof of eligibility. The proof must be submitted as a file and uploaded to the appropriate place in the Steinberg Online Shop.

Please make sure that:

The proof of eligibility is legible;

the proof clearly shows that you are currently enrolled as a full-time student (if applicable);

the enrollment document includes the date of issue;

the enrollment document includes the date of expiry (if applicable);

If you act as a teacher or on behalf of an institution you may also use this PDF form. Quantity discounts for schools and institutions are available on request. Please specify the precise number required.



  • As a music student with less than 20 education units per month, am I eligible for the education discount?

    Yes, if your course/lessons go on for more than six months. The essential factor is whether your education continues over a longer period of time. Education units per month can vary in time. One education unit is usually counted for with 45-60 minutes.

  • Are there any limitations to the education products?

    There are no technical limitations to the education versions. However, any results that were produced with education products may not be used commercially and may not be sold.

  • Is there a possibility to update / upgrade from an education version to a higher version of the software?

    Yes, but not at a special education price. Updates and upgrades can be purchased at the regular price from the Steinberg online shop. By updating / upgrading your education version you receive a regular, commercially usable full version.

  • I follow an audio-/ recording course in my free time; am I entitled for the education discount?

    Yes, if your course runs for more than six months.

  • I follow an education in the area of audio. Can I take advantage of the education discount?

    Yes, but only if your education is really related to the field of audio.

  • As a charity association, registered association etc., can I apply for the education discount?

    No. In this case, our regular products are relevant to you.

  • Is there a discount for social projects, youth work etc.?

    This will be decided on a case-by-case basis, which will be checked by us individually.

  • Am I entitled for the education discount as an external lecturer at a (music) school?

    Yes, but only by sending an official proof.

  • Is there an education offer for hardware?

    No, our hardware cannot be purchased at an education discount. Our hardware can be bought from the regular online store.

  • Can I install a product on multiple computers?

    Yes, but it cannot be used at the same time. For school and universities, we offer individual solutions.

  • Can I resell an education license.

    No, education licenses are bound to the buyer. In order to resell your product, you need to purchase an update / upgrade to the next higher version first. This will exchange your education license with a commercial license.

  • Why do I need to send Steinberg a new proof of eligibility on a frequent basis?

    To prevent fraud, education accounts at AskNet are not valid forever. This is why you need to send us a new proof of eligibility frequently. This is necessary to verify that your current status allows you to receive an education discount.

  • Can I purchase education software at my local distributor?

    Yes, that is possible. But the proof of eligibility needs to be checked by the distributor directly. Steinberg does not check for documents if you order from a reseller.

  • I work on behalf of a school / institution. Can I get a quote from Steinberg?

    Yes, that is possible. Please send us the delivery address of your choice (e.g. school address) and the amount of products that you look for. Do you need a special variant? Please let us know.

  • Can I use my MySteinberg data for the education account?

    No, MySteinberg has no connection to the education account at our partner firm AskNet.

  • Do churches or public service institutions qualify for the education discount?

    No. In this case, our regular products are relevant to you.

  • Is the education discount available for members of the military, government, and/or ministries?

    No. In this case, our regular products are relevant to you.

  • As a social project that aims at the integration of disabled people, can we get an education discount?

    Yes, please send us a regular education request.

  • Can I receive a discount if I have a disability?

    Yes, if you have a certificate of disability (disability percentage of 50% or higher) you can apply for the discount. Please send us a copy or photography of the certificate of disability as an attachment to your education request.