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Student jobs and open internships at Steinberg

Have you spent enough time reading books and sitting through endless hours of lectures? Then, Steinberg is the right place for you! Are you a registered student looking for a subject for a bachelor or master’s thesis? Or are you after a student job? Expect exciting tasks, working in our international team.

Get the ball rolling and gain invaluable practical experience.

Final undergraduate papers, Bachelor or Master’s thesis

Has the time come for you to present your final undergraduate paper, bachelor or master’s thesis? Have you already decided on a great subject, yet are lacking the needed support? Let’s imagine that you have not yet decided on a subject, but are considering to finish your paper or thesis at Steinberg. Then contact us — we always have interesting topics.

Working students

Do you want to think outside the box and draw insights from the business? Would you like to join the practical with the theoretical? Is it experience you’re after and new horizons you want to explore? We offer students from different faculties exciting job opportunities. Shape your weekly working hours between 15 and 20 hours and decide on what days you want to work. During semester break, you can even increase working hours.


Are you eager to learn what the working world looks like and how a company operates? Cash in on the opportunity to take a peek behind our curtains. We offer you many different possibilities to familiarize yourself with the real-world business. Accompanied by day events for the young ones or company tours for students, we offer internships in different areas.

  • For 12th grade students we offer school internships. You pass through various departments to gain an overview of our company’s processes in a two-week internship.
  • 8th to 10th graders can benefit from an internship of two weeks for career guidance. Here, you learn a lot about certain professions in detail.

If interested, add a focus of subjects to your application and CV, or get any information on available internships by giving us a call.

For any questions you may have, phone us at +49 (0)40 210 35-0.