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Young pioneers: First-accomplishment trainee project at Steinberg

By Connor Adler & Robin Grochowski, July 14, 2016

For the past years, Steinberg has continued to hire trainees in different areas. This way the company trains its own young professionals and ensures a diversified, thrilling and interesting start into the professional career. Among the trainees learning to become industrial clerks, wholesale merchants and marketing communication merchants are also IT specialists and software developers. This wide spectrum of young professionals adds great potential to the company.

This potential precisely was put to good use to begin with the HERKULES project. But let our trainees tell the story.

Everything started off with the election of a trainee representative, who would become part of the works council. Due to the occasion we all came together; it was the first time that all of Steinberg’s trainees came together, keeping in mind that the departments at Steinberg are all quite different, not to mention that at least 50 steps separate our two floors. ;)

So we conscientiously elected the trainee representative. Well, it didn’t take very long and we found ourselves with enough time left for a little discussion. We realized that, despite the different departments that we were in, we pretty much got along with each other. It actually worked out so good that we imagined working together — even if none of us knew what kind of work the other had on his desk.

So, to obtain the bigger picture, we thought to introduce an educational project. Back then we’d never have thought that we would literally release a product, but we’ll get to that later on.

By giving us the opportunity to carry out such a project as trainees and to develop our own product, Steinberg has shown that, here, education and support of young professionals really do matter. I am very thankful for that.

— David, Software Developer

HERKULES is an awesome project! I have studied new technologies and developed using them. I have experienced teamwork like I was never taught during my time in school. There was room for personal initiative, room for failure and in the end a hand-crafted product emerged. I am proud to be part of the team and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this experience.

— Sascha, Software Developer

We let our supervisors and department heads in on the idea. Everyone was thrilled, and we received lots of support. In the kick-off workshop we organized, we learned how a project is managed, what roles are necessary on a project team and how we can reach our goal.

In June 2015 we launched the HERKULES project which would allow us to develop, market and sell our product independently. Besides that, we planned to involve all current and future trainees in the project.

We didn’t need much time to be sure about what we wanted to develop. We decided on a metronome, a useful app that wouldn’t go beyond our capabilities. We happily took on the challenge, and our software developers started to code.

It was good to see how seriously we were taken from colleagues and management alike. We knew that we could count on guidance and support from all directions.

— Marc, Management Assistant in Wholesale and Foreign Trade

When we started out, I didn’t expect that in addition to our learning success we would release such a cool app.

—Torben, Software Developer

During the winter months our motivation dropped badly, but looking back we can’t really explain why. Anyhow, two team members were caught up with their final exams; we had different school timetables; and none of us really felt responsible for the project anymore. We weren’t bothered, and meetings were only attended on and off — the project stagnated. Hadn’t there been two particular gentlemen, we still wouldn’t be able to write this story. Our supervisor and the product-planning manager helped us out of our misery. They told us time and again how proud we should be of what we had accomplished so far, and that it’d be a huge waste to simply give up now. They made it crystal-clear to us that they’d give us all the support we needed to actually bring a product to reality.

So we increased the frequency of our meetings; everyone was informed; and each one of us felt truly involved.

We wanted to find out what tasks each one of us has in their department and to see what areas a product has to pass through within Steinberg.

—Connor, Management Assistant in Wholesale and Foreign Trade

In the final weeks of the project, we accomplished a lot, and we’re very thankful for all the support that we have received. Yes, it’s been an educational project and we’ve learned a lot, but in the end, we’re blown away by the fact that we’re releasing an entire app under the Steinberg brand.

Since we’ve all benefited from this project, it will live on. We are planning to involve the next generation of trainees who will be hired in August. Those of us, who are about to successfully complete training, will continue to support the project. Already now, there are many ideas on how it can go on.

Your Steinberg Trainees and Former Trainees

The biggest challenge had been to get our motivation back but we did well and that has strengthened us as a team.

— Robin, Management Assistant for Marketing Communication

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