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3rd Party Developer

Welcome to our third-party developer support site. We’re pleased to offer other manufacturers the chance to develop VST- and ASIO-based software and hardware for Mac OS and Windows by offering those technologies along with the appropriate license.

Please note that there are licensing agreements coupled with the use of development tools which you have to agree. These agreements contain conditions and/or requirements which are mostly concerned with liability issues.

Please send the filled license agreement to the address that is given on the form, by mail or email it to info[SB]

Available Steinberg SDKs:

VST 3 Audio Plug-Ins SDK (Format: zip, 102.3 MB)

VST Module Architecture SDK (Format: zip, 0.35 MB)

ASIO SDK (Format: zip, 5.70 MB)

GameAudioConnect SDK (Format: zip, 8.70 MB)

3rd Party Developer Forum: