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Electronic press kits

This is where you can download the latest press releases, and press information for each Steinberg product. Please note that all images and copies are the sole possession of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH, are subject to copyright and may only be used in the editorial environment except when explicitly agreed upon otherwise.

Latest press releases

Press Kit The World’s First AI-Driven Personalized Spatial Audio Solution for Ambisonics Mixing
Press Kit State-of-the-Art Spectral Editing with New SpectraLayers 7
Press Kit Steinberg Releases New VST 3.7 SDK
Press Kit Polarities Expansion Created by Simon Stockhausen
Press Kit Cubasis 3 Now for Android
Press Kit The Steinberg Production Starter Kit
Press Kit Backbone Drum Re-synthesizer for Unique Sound Design
Press Kit Dorico 3.5: More Powerful, More Refined
Press Kit Special Signature Set: Marco Minnemann Studio Drums
Press Kit New UR24C Audio Interface Revealed
Press Kit Streamlined SpectraLayers Elements 6 Now Available
Press Kit AXR4 Audio Interface Now with USB-C
Press Kit Dorico SE: Free Music Notation Software
Press Kit Cubasis 3 Now Available for iPad and iPhone
Press Kit Steinberg Unveils Padshop 2
Press Kit Creative Music Production with Cubase 10.5
Press Kit Mastering Audio with New WaveLab 10
Press Kit New UR-C Audio Interfaces Ideal for Music Production
Press Kit New Electric Bass Instrument for HALion
Press Kit More Time for Music: Dorico 3
Press Kit Future Bass: New Expansion for Retrologue 2
Press Kit Steinberg Unveils Nuendo 10 at GDC
Press Kit Club-Ready Sounds with Bouncy Vibrations
Press Kit High-End AXR4 Audio Interface Revealed
Press Kit Steinberg Unveils Absolute 4 at Winter NAMM
Press Kit Cubasis Points with New Update
Press Kit Dorico 2.2 Update Expands Capabilities in Media Music and Jazz
Press Kit The Major Release: Cubase 10
Press Kit Nothing Beats Groove Agent 5
Press Kit More HALion Instruments than Ever Before
Press Kit UR22mkII Audio Interface with New Bundle
Press Kit Iconica Ensembles and Iconica Opus New Orchestral Library Additions
Press Kit Nuendo Live 2 New Multitrack Recording Solution
Press Kit VST Transit Extends Cubase Cloud Service to Everyone
Press Kit Modern Jazz Essentials New for Groove Agent
Press Kit Iconica Sections & Players for Great-Sounding Symphonic Masterpieces
Press Kit Dorico Pro 2 and Dorico Elements 2 Scoring Software Now Available
Press Kit New Simon Phillips Jazz Drums
Press Kit Two Premium Audio Interfaces Unveiled Before Musikmesse
Press Kit Metro Heights Latest Addition to Groove Agent
Press Kit Dorico 1.2 Update Brings Intelligent Cues and Percussion
Press Kit Cubasis 2.3 Now with Waves IAP
Press Kit Early Unveiling of Cubase 9.5
Press Kit WaveLab Audio Editing and Mastering Software with New Update
Press Kit Songwriter Essentials Expands Style Library for Groove Agent
Press Kit Expand Groove Agent Library with Rock and Roll Essentials
Press Kit Experience the Future of Scoring in New Dorico 1.1 Update
Press Kit Nuendo 8 Now Available
Press Kit Special WaveLab Edition for Yellowtec Recording Products
Press Kit Cubase and Cubasis Win Press Awards at Musikmesse
Press Kit Steinberg at Musikmesse: Photo Contest, Special Offers and Artist Talks
Press Kit New Groove Agent Expansion Set Called Alternative Essentials
Press Kit Nuendo 8 Makes First Appearance at Game Developers Conference
Press Kit HALion 6, HALion Sonic 3 and Absolute 3 Announced at Winter NAMM
Press Kit Steinberg Unveils Latest Line-up of Cubase Music Production Software
Press Kit Future Electronica Expansion
Press Kit UR22mkII Audio Interface Bundle Offers Complete Recording Solution
Press Kit Dorico Notation Software Available Soon
Press Kit Nuendo Integration with Nokia OZO Unveiled at AES Convention
Press Kit Metal Essentials Is Latest Expansion for Groove Agent
Press Kit Seamless Music Production with New Cubasis 2 App
Press Kit Analog House Energizes Retrologue Powerhouse
Press Kit Steinberg Trainee Project Presents Smart Click Metronome
Press Kit Pop Essentials Brings New Content to Groove Agent
Press Kit Steinberg Unveils Dorico Music Notation Software
Press Kit Nashville Is Latest Drum Expansion Set for Groove Agent
Press Kit Steinberg Co-sponsor Beat M Up Dutch National Championship
Press Kit Steinberg Release WaveLab Pro 9 and WaveLab Elements 9
Press Kit Newly Released Rock Essentials Drum Expansion Pack
Press Kit Latest Cubasis Update Comes With Many New Features
Press Kit New Beat Essentials Expansion for Groove Agent
Press Kit Perforce and Steinberg Improve ... Helix and Nuendo Integration
Press Kit Special Signature Set: Simon Phillips Studio Drums
Press Kit Retrologue 2 Is the New Synth Powerhouse
Press Kit Now Available: Cubase Pro 8.5 and Cubase Artist 8.5
Press Kit Cubase Pro 8 Wins MIA Award
Press Kit Steinberg Release Second Iteration of Portable Audio Interface
Press Kit Fusion Essentials Out Now
Press Kit Strategic Alliance Formed with Large-Format Console Manufacturer Harrison
Press Kit Colliding Worlds Offers ... Content for Groove Agent Virtual Drummer
Press Kit Absolute 2 Holds Great Collection of Virtual Instruments and Sounds
Press Kit Steinberg Is Founding Member of New W3C Music Notation Community Group
Press Kit Neuro Mindset: New Expansion for Groove Agent
Press Kit The Songwriter’s Expansion Brings Out Rhythmical Subtleties
Press Kit Nuendo 7 Now Shipping
Press Kit Steinberg Introduces Funk Essentials
Press Kit Cubase Elements 8 Completes Latest Line-up
Press Kit Blues Essentials New Supplement for Groove Agent
Press Kit UR242 Audio Interface Rounds Out UR Range
Press Kit Future Past Perfect: Beats for House Music
Press Kit VST Connect Pro 3 Now Available
Press Kit Nuendo 7 Preview at Game Developers Conference
Press Kit Jazz Essentials Expands Groove Agent 4 Library
Press Kit Significant Point Updates for HALion 5 and Groove Agent 4
Press Kit Steinberg Announces UR12 Audio Interface
Press Kit Steinberg Unveils Cubase Pro 8 and Cubase Artist 8     


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