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Steinberg software for students

Produce music like a pro

Looking for the best software for your musical education? You came to the right spot! Steinberg products are known as industry standard for music and audio production. Get your hands on the tools of the trade, and learn the ropes for the years to come.

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Learning with a perspective

Choosing Steinberg software means laying down the foundation for your career. Whether you want to work in a recording studio, agency, film studio, radio station or concert hall — learning how to use our software today will certainly give you a decisive head start!

Education shop

Students receive our software at a discounted price. You can save up to 40% when purchasing from with the education store.

For the purchase of educational products you need to provide proof of eligibility. The proof must be submitted as a file and uploaded to the appropriate place in the Steinberg Online Shop.

Certified training

Our network of certified partners will help you to understand every little detail of our software products. Their workshops and seminars are an easy and fun way to learn about music production and get in touch with industry professionals. Enroll in a course today to invest in a fun education that will create opportunities.

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