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Cubase: Music Production System

Steinberg’s renowned music production software turns your Mac or PC into a complete virtual studio — in three variants tailored to different needs and budgets.

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Nuendo: Post, Live & Audio Production

Nuendo offers a vast range of dedicated functions focused on post production, studio production and live recording that underscore the reputation of Nuendo as one of the world's most powerful audio production systems.

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WaveLab: Audio Editing & Mastering

Steinberg's award-winning WaveLab provides professionals in editing, mastering, broadcast, audio restoration and sound design a range of tools that are as fast and efficient as they are flexible and easy to use.

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Dorico: Advanced music notation system

Redefining the gold standard in scoring software, Dorico combines musical intelligence, intuitive workflows, impeccable output, and world-class audio in one awesomely powerful, professional package.

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SpectraLayers: Advanced Audio Spectrum Editor

SpectraLayers Pro 6 is an audio editor like you have never seen or heard before in a familiar interface that you didn’t realize you already know.

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Sequel: Music Creation & Performance

This extremely easy to use, all-in-one music studio combines exceedingly intuitive tools for recording, editing, mixing and live performance with a huge collection of up-the-minute loops and sounds.

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Virtual Instruments

Steinberg's wealth of VST instruments offer the right sounds for just about any conceivable style of music, including breathtakingly realistic recreations of acoustic instruments and the well-touted HALion soft sampler.

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Sounds & Loops

Expand your sound library with Steinberg's VST Sound Instrument Sets, VST Sound Loop Sets or Sequel Content Sets. 

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Audio interfaces

Built to an extremely high manufacturing and component standard, Steinberg's audio interfaces are perfect recording and production solutions for ambitious musicians and professional engineers alike.

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Steinberg's controller range provides totally integrated tactile control of all parameters within Cubase and will tremendously speed up your recording, editing and mixing workflow.

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Mobile Apps

Cubasis, Cubase iC Pro, Nanologue and Smart Click — discover our latest mobile apps.

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