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Setup and Use Case Examples


Easily record a guitar using Cubase Essential 5 and CI2+

One way of using both the CI2+ USB studio and Cubase Essential 5 is to record a guitar with “Interactive Recording”, which allows you to record the guitar performance in just a few steps.

  • Connect the guitar to input 1 of the CI2+ unit, depress the HI-Z button and adjust the input gain
  • Now launch Cubase Essential 5 and open the Project Template window using the AI Knob
  • Select a template for recording the guitar
  • Finally, depress the Action Pad (or the optional footswitch) to start recording, using the hand-free recording feature

Smart editing with the AI Knob and the additional control functionality

Another way to produce music is the editing of music with the unique AI Knob.

  • Simply move the mouse over any parameter of a plug-in, mixer or anything else in Cubase; now you can easily adjust the value by turning the AI Knob
  • To access the Browse mode, depress the AI Knob and select from a huge number of great sounds and effects by turning and pushing the AI Knob