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Desktop home recording-studio

The CI2 provides all the necessary inputs and outputs to record music at home or in a personal project studio. Not only is it possible to record two individual signals at once, such as vocals and guitar, but by operating Cubase with the optional footswitch connected to the CI2, your hands are absolutely free to make music. And with true +48V phantom power, you can also use high end large diaphragm condenser mics for studio-quality sound.

Mobile stereo live recording

Making a high-quality stereo live recording only requires a laptop, two top-notch mics and the CI2. And since the CI2 is fully USB-powered including its two +48V phantom-powered mic preamps, there’s really no need for an external power supply. The provided footswitch connector allows you to control the recording functions via an optional footswitch, operating the system during the stereo live recording of the band’s next gig, the choir’s performance or orchestra’s concert.

Mobile band live recording

To make a professional sounding demo you simply have to connect the CI2 to the mixer desk available in the rehearsal room or live event and record in 24-bit/48-kHz stereo quality. With the included high-end effects of Cubase AI 5, you then can edit the recording later on, the CI2’s AI Knob providing full control of any mixing and plug-in parameters within Cubase.


Easily record a guitar using Cubase AI 5 and CI2

One way of using both the CI2 USB studio and Cubase AI 5 is to record a guitar with “Interactive Recording”, which lets you record the guitar performance in just a few steps.

  • Connect the guitar to input 1 of the CI2 unit, press the HI-Z button and adjust the input gain.
  • Launch Cubase AI 5 and open the Project Template window using the AI Knob.
  • Select a template for recording the guitar.
  • Now simply push the Action Pad (or the optional footswitch) to start recording, using the hand-free recording feature.

After recording, smart editing with AI Knob

Another way to produce music is the editing of music with the unique AI Knob.

  • Simply move the mouse over any parameter of a plug-in, mixer or anything else in Cubase and easily adjust the value by turning the AI Knob.
  • To access the Browse mode, press the AI Knob and choose from a vast number of sounds and effects by turning and pushing the AI Knob.

Optional accessories for CI2

Yamaha FC5 footswitch

The Interactive Recording functionality of the CI2 can be operated with the optional footswitch Yamaha FC5. Just connect the FC-5 to the footswitch socket and get instant control.

Yamaha BMS-10A mic stand adapter

The optional mic stand adapter BMS-10A lets you attach the CI2 to a microphone stand and adjust it to the position that suits you best.