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More Just Doesn't Fit in the Box

Featuring Advanced Integration with Cubase, outstanding I/O capabilities and first-class sound quality, both MR816s merge full-featured FireWire interfaces and inbuilt DSP that combines with Steinberg’s renowned Cubase music production system to form a latency-free recording and monitoring environment.

Music production using Cubase

MR816 CSX and MR816 X are, simply put, the ideal hardware for any Cubase owner who needs to record vocals, instruments, keyboards, percussion or any other audio source. The Advanced Integration between MR816 and Cubase offers a unique and powerful production solution that fully mirrors Cubase functionality, adds DSP power for mixing, allows on-the-fly rerouting of input signals via Quick Connect, full integration into the Cubase user interface and much more.


Any musician or producer already using Cubase and looking to add a recording interface need look no further. The MR816 CSX and MR816 X are ideal for recording bands in rehearsal rooms or live gigs with a laptop, or building up a dedicated project studio or recording space. Full integration into the Cubase user interface means that operating the MR816 requires very little or no learning — all functions and features are in the places any Cubase owner expects to find them. The intelligent plug and play handling means that Cubase automatically detects any attached MR816 hardware. And because the DSP FX run as VST3 plug-ins, these excellent plug-ins are available during mixing in Cubase, often replacing the need to purchase an additional DSP card.


Excellent sound, great stacking options and a smooth, fast workflow are among the top priorities for studios using MR816 and Cubase as recording and production solution for their business. Connections required for studios like Wordclock, S/PDIF and ADAT are onboard, with the hardware inserts offering an ideal way of integrating boutique hardware units in the software realm. Features like Quick Connect allow on-the-fly rerouting by simply pushing a button on the MR816 front panel. Eight channel outputs offer full support for surround productions up to 7.1, ideally complemented by Steinberg’s fully multi-channel architecture and the Control Room features in both Cubase and Nuendo.

Post production using Nuendo

Many post production facilities require an audio interface for recording tasks like foley or ADR, as well as in edit, premix or sound design suites as a high-quality, reliable playback device that integrates fully with the production software. MR816 is an ideal extension for Nuendo in these environments, offering the same Advanced Integration features, DSP FX as VST3 plug-ins when mixing, Quick Connect, no-latency recording as when used with Cubase.

Users of other DAW software

Excellent sound characteristics, first-class build quality, no-latency monitoring mixes with DSP: anyone looking to change or upgrade their audio interface has plenty of reasons to take a closer look at MR816. As well as drivers for ASIO and CoreAudio for full compatibility with any DAW application using either of these driver standards, the installation package includes the MR Editor, a custom application that handles all aspects of DSP, routing, monitor mixing in one easy-to-navigate interface. Additionally, both MR816 CSX and MR816 X offer direct access to DSP parameters from the front panel of the hardware.

Musicians currently with no recording software

MR816 CSX includes Cubase AI, a special streamlined version of the Cubase music production system for a full recording solution right out of the box for anyone with a PC or Mac. Integrated with MR816, Cubase AI offers Advanced Integration, DSP-powered no-latency monitoring and all the advantages of the outstanding audio characteristics and manufacturing quality of MR816. Because Cubase is the world’s most popular production solution, projects begun in Cubase AI project can be taken to a larger studio and seamlessly imported there for the next production stage. Upgrades to more comprehensive Cubase versions are available to expand the functional depth of the entire production solution.

Press Reviews for MR816 CSX/X

 Recording (US) August 2010


"Of course all the cool integration in the world is pointless if the unit does not hold up sonically. Well, the MR816 sounds amazing and holds its own with some of the best digital converters on the market."

"Cubase or no Cubase, the MR816 is a great sounding, well built, feature-laden box."