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The UR242 close-up

UR242 front panel

1. HI-Z switch for Input 1
2. 2 XLR/TRS combo connector for mic/line
3. Peak indicator for Input 1 and 2
4. +48 V phantom power indicator for Inputs 1/2
5. USB power indicator
6. Gain control for Input 1

7. Pad switch for Input 1 and 2
8. Gain control for Input 2
9. Phantom power switch for input 1/2
10. Headphone volume control knob
11. Output volume control
12. Headphones output with TRS

UR242 rear panel

1. Power switch
2. Power supply connector
3. USB 2.0 port
4. MIDI output socket

5. MIDI input socket
6. 2 analog TRS line input
7. Line output L/R, 2 analog TRS line outputs

UR242 setup scenarios

Despite its small size, the UR242 can connect to a huge range of audio equipment, instruments and other musical gear.

The two XLR/TRS combo inputs can be put to use in any of a number of recording situations. These could include recording two vocalists singing a duet; a singer who plays acoustic guitar with voice and guitar each recorded using a high-quality condenser mic; a choir or other classical performance recorded using two well-placed microphones; or any of the above accompanied by a backing track recorded using the two additional line inputs. 

MIDI instruments can be recorded ”in parallel” with both MIDI data and audio streams routed to corresponding channels in your DAW, letting you edit or rework the MIDI data in your project later. Monitor speakers are connected to the two output jacks on the rear, enabling the UR242 to offer a compact, high-quality MIDI-based production solution. 

Connecting an iPad or iPhone is accomplished using an Apple camera adapter*. Now you’re ready to record, edit and mix music on your iPad or iPhone, for example, using Steinberg’s widely praised Cubasis iPad app. Hook up a keyboard, drum pad or controller on the MIDI ports, with monitor speakers plugged into the dedicated Line output pair, and you’re good to go. 

*iPad Camera Connection Kit, Lightning to USB Camera Adapter or Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter