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Why UR

With Steinberg’s line of USB 2.0 connectivity interfaces, you’ve got it all covered: the UR range comprises a 19” rack-mounted studio solution, a desktop production interface, an ultra-compact mobile unit and an advanced portable production studio — all engineered and crafted to meet the most exacting standards. 


Outstanding recording quality with 24/192 support and the ability to scale up the number of inputs to cover complex recording situations including large ensembles and bands: the UR824 offers choice components of the finest quality, such as the acclaimed D-PRE mic preamp. DSP-powered monitoring with FX and the included dspMixFx application provide no-latency mixes for performers with reverb, compression and EQ; Cubase owners profit from complete integration, speeding up typical studio workflows considerably. Ultra-low JetPLL jitter sync and word clock round out a feature set conceived expressly for the demands of producers and engineers.

For songwriters

The UR series combines a range of features essential to composers and songwriters. If you compose using a MIDI keyboard, synthesizer or guitar, there’s a UR interface with the right set of capabilities for you. All models share the first-class D-PRE mic preamp and Neutrik connectors, assuring crystal quality when recording vocal takes, keyboard instruments and guitars. For songwriters on the move, the bus-powered compact UR22mkII offers a fully mobile audio interface with first-class components and two analog combo inputs, while the ultra-streamlined UR12 offers one D-PRE with the same robust build quality. The UR242 and UR44 each present different I/O options while adding a powerful set of DSP FX features for zero-latency monitoring with FX.

For bands

Recording in your rehearsal space, running backing tracks alongside the band during gigs, preproduction for your next album: the UR824, UR44 and UR242 all offer a very attractive feature set for bands and live musicians at various price points. The 19" rack interface UR824 offers eight analog inputs and outputs, while the portability and added MIDI capability of the UR44 and UR242 make either an ideal choice for live gigs. All three interfaces share the hallmarks of the UR series: D-PRE mic preamps, independent headphone outputs, DSP-powered zero-latency monitoring with FX and outstanding sound and component quality.

For film composers

The UR series meets the exacting demands of film composers. A 19" rack unit, the UR824, incorporates eight D-PRE mic preamps and 24/192 support, eight outputs with support for up to 7.1 surround via ASIO, ADAT I/O, word clock sync and much more. The desktop UR28M offers easy switching between three monitor pairs or 5.1 surround output via ASIO as well as digital S/PDIF connectors. For more compact setups, the UR44 offers the same choice components within a portable interface, featuring four inputs and six outputs and MIDI connectivity for controllers and sound generators.

For guitarists

With Hi-Z input(s), headphone outputs and latency-free monitoring, the entire UR series offers a feature set tailored to guitarists and bassists. The ultra-compact UR12 and streamlined UR22mkII units are ideal for recording on the road, while the flexible UR242 and expanded UR44 interfaces offer added I/O capability and DSP-based, latency-free monitoring with guitar amp simulations, reverbs and compressors. The UR12, UR22mkII, UR242 and UR44 all feature the acclaimed D-PRE mic preamp, perfect for recording cabs and acoustic guitars with dynamic or condenser mics.

For vocalists

The UR12, UR22mkII, UR242 and UR44 interfaces offer a mobile recording platform with all the advantages of the UR series. The D-PRE mic preamp means sumptuously detailed and dynamic sound when recording vocals and acoustic instruments. Neutrik inputs and +48 V phantom power allow connection of both dynamic and high-quality condenser mics. All units also offer zero-latency recording, while the UR242 and UR44 add DSP-powered monitoring with FX, including the REV-X reverb and the Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip that allows vocalists to quickly dial in the perfect headphone mix while recording.

For beat producers

Producers working in beat-based music genres will find the perfect production platform in the UR series. The UR22mkII, UR242 and UR44 mobile units all offer independent headphone outputs and combo connectors featuring the acclaimed D-PRE preamp, with all also offering MIDI ports for connecting keyboards and drum pad controllers. Choose between the ultra-streamlined UR12, the compact UR22mkII, the flexible UR242 and the expanded I/O options on the UR44. All four units offer 24/192 recording and playback and include Cubase AI, a compact and upgradable version of Steinberg’s legendary music production system. All UR interfaces offer iOS connectivity for a truly mobile music experience as well as providing access to the wide range of beat production apps available for the iPad and iPhone.