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  • 01Dream Bass0:17
  • 02Get Away0:10
  • 03Gimme Mercy0:14
  • 04Red Rock Pepper Road0:10
  • 05Sub Bass0:09
  • 06Groove Jet0:15
  • 07Last of the American Boys0:15
  • 08Slap Ambient0:22
  • 09Sons of Earth0:24
  • 10Rock Brushes Wide0:09
  • 11Deep Octavian0:23
  • 12Closed Desire0:16
  • 13Barkley0:15

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  • 01Slap Comp0:19
  • 02Bright Pick Bass0:19
  • 03P Bass Slap0:21
  • 04Synth Bass 10:30
  • 05Synth Bass 20:35
  • 06Funky Envelope Filter0:27
  • 07Slap Envelope0:19
  • 08Sneaky Fretless Chorus0:22
  • 09Solo Chorus0:24

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  • 01RnB Kit0:35
  • 02Grooving Future Kit1:08
  • 03Vinyl Kit0:48
  • 04Chill Out Kit0:34
  • 05Dub Master Kit0:57
  • 06Electro Kit0:31
  • 07Glitch Kit0:47
  • 08House Kit0:34
  • 09Indie Dance Kit0:33
  • 10Metallic Percussion Kit0:57
  • 11Retro Drum Kit0:34
  • 12Rough Beat Kit0:31
  • 13Techno Kit0:32
  • 14Urban Ballads Kit0:46

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  • 01Deep into the Ground1:09
  • 02Brothers in Need0:54
  • 03Break Me Down2:34
  • 04Connection Established1:30
  • 05I ain t got the time1:11
  • 06Life is Simple1:50
  • 07Like a Pony1:18
  • 08Love Like Yours1:02
  • 09Packing for a Long Trip1:12
  • 10Permanently Off1:21
  • 11Showing Off1:49
  • 12Tastes Like Gold0:53
  • 13Timed Explosives1:07
  • 14Trip to Texas1:08
  • 15Drinking Habits2:00
  • 16Forget the Past1:19
  • 17Forgive Me1:18
  • 18Funky Rave1:27
  • 19Hurried Up1:48

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  • 01Dance Split0:26
  • 02Synbreeze0:25
  • 03Quiet Enjoyment0:22
  • 04Chirp Runner0:37
  • 05Driver Basses0:14
  • 06Hot Summer0:18
  • 07Warm Rain0:27
  • 08Burning Thorn0:18
  • 09Plastic Belt0:19
  • 10Wah Pops0:26
  • 11Cool Chordz0:22

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  • 01Chill Out Kit0:34
  • 02Drum n Bass Kit0:58
  • 03Dub Master Kit0:57
  • 04Electro Kit0:31
  • 05Glitch Kit0:47
  • 06Grooving Future Kit1:08
  • 07House Kit0:34
  • 08Indie Dance Kit0:33
  • 09Metallic Percussion Kit0:57
  • 10RnB Kit0:35
  • 11Retro Drum Kit0:34
  • 12Rough Beat Kit0:31
  • 13Techno Kit0:32
  • 14Urban Ballads Kit0:46
  • 15Vinyl Kit0:48

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  • 01LoopMash FX Demo1:12
  • 02LoopMash FX Demo 20:20
  • 03LoopMash FX Demo 30:23
  • 04LoopMash FX Demo 40:19

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  • 01Phlashback0:28
  • 02Vital Spark0:34
  • 03Witching Hour0:46
  • 04Detroit0:37
  • 05Glowstep0:25
  • 06Killah0:29
  • 07Gentle Attack0:41

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  • 01Vegas Scene0:43
  • 02Cumberland1:24
  • 03Einstein Rock1:06
  • 04Ozzie0:56
  • 05Warped0:41
  • 0629 Min Jupiter1:29
  • 07Aberdeen0:56
  • 08Brit Winter0:42
  • 09Green Diego1:12
  • 10Liquidity1:17
  • 11Made in Detroit1:14
  • 12Tone Def0:58

Instruments & Effects

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Cubase delivers a rich palette of finest virtual instruments and each of them comes ready to play with hundreds of fantastic preset sounds — amounting to over 3,400 sounds in the Pro version right out of the box.

Retrologue 2

Retrologue 2 is more than a tribute to the classic analog heavyweights of the past. Packed into a straightforward interface, Retrologue brings back the sound of analog circuitry and vintage warmth, but with a modern twist. From raw analog lead and bass sounds to ephemeral, delicate pads and structures, dark drones and ultra-aggressive comps, Retrologue 2 is a stunningly powerful yet versatile subtractive synthesizer with loads of sonic personality and that is potentially highly addictive.

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Padshop introduces a new way of granular sound design. Get yourself ready for out-of-this-world atmospheres, far-out effects and a user interface that’s a breeze to work with. Padshops features two independent layers that are based on an individual oscillator source and generate up to eight different grain streams. The edit section gives you access to parameters that really matter, including the high-quality low, high and band-pass as well as band-rejection filters with an integrated distortion unit. Two envelopes, two LFOs and the Step Modulator can be used to modulate a large number of target parameters. And with the built-in modulation and delay effects you can drive the pace for high tension atmospheres.

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HALion Sonic SE 2

HALion Sonic SE 2 is a compact version of the next incarnation of Steinberg’s acclaimed HALion Sonic sample player and synthesizer, and delivers a range of sumptuous new sounds and instruments for Cubase. The new Trip virtual analog synth included in HALion Sonic SE 2 features an arpeggiator module with four variations and over 150 ultra-dynamic sounds that will propel you to arp-heaven. Eight new effect types are also on board, including Tape Saturator, Wah Wah, Auto Filter, Step Flanger, Ring Modulator, Octaver, Vintage Ensemble, Envelope Shaper and an improved Rotary Effect.

Groove Agent SE 4

Groove Agent SE 4 is a massively featured MPC-style drum sampler including a wide range of effects, pattern playback functions and comfortable sample editing. Add the crispy vintage vibe to your beats with one of the new playback modes, emulating the character of the 12-bit era. And thanks to the deep integration in Cubase, you will be able to see the instruments mapped automatically as drum maps into the Drum Editor and Beat Designer. Groove Agent SE 4 includes a variety of drum kits and ready-to-go grooves. From crackling vinyl beats to ultra-realistic acoustic drum sounds, Groove Agent SE 4 has it all covered.

LoopMash 2

LoopMash is a revolutionary virtual instrument that offers a unique and innovative way of working with loops and beats to create stunning new rhythms and grooves. Seamlessly blendable variations of both the included loops and any loop from your library open up myriad new creative possibilities. Its revolutionary audio analysis/synthesis engine, developed in collaboration with Yamaha, matches similar elements across loops and beats, generating fresh and inspiring mash-ups from any rhythmic audio material — entirely synced to the Cubase Tempo. Integrated editing and the powerful live performance mode with user-definable scenes and automation support and its over 20 MIDI-controllable live and slice-based effects such as scratches, stutters and tape stops,  make this instrument a powerful creative tool for any artist serious about their beats!
LoopMash is the first-of-its-kind interactive loop synthesizer that creative musicians working in many genres have been waiting for and offers almost limitless variations: all with the sole aim of getting the beats creative again.


Cubase comes with an impressive arsenal of high-quality VST effect processors, including EQ, Dynamics, Modulation, Reverb, Filters, Distortion and special effects. Together with the also included “Legacy Set” of original Cubase SX effects, Cubase 7.5 offers a total of 69 real-time audio effects right out of the box, making it Steinberg’s most complete plug-in set ever with more than 1,500 great-sounding presets included. 


  • Standard Channel EQ
  • Voxengo CurveEQ*
  • Studio EQ
  • GEQ30*
  • GEQ10
  • DJ-EQ


  • Compressor, Tube Compressor, VintageCompressor*, MultibandCompressor*
  • VSTDynamics
  • DeEsser*
  • Limiter, Brickwall Limiter*, Maximizer
  • Gate, MIDI Gate
  • Multiband Expander*, Multiband Envelope Shaper*
  • Expander*
  • EnvelopeShaper
  • Chopper
  • Magneto 2


  • REVerence*
  • REVelation
  • Roomworks*
  • Roomworks SE


  • VST Amp Rack
  • VST Bass Amp
  • AmpSimulator
  • Quadrafuzz v2
  • Tone Booster
  • Distortion
  • SoftClipper*
  • DaTube
  • Grungelizer
  • Bitcrusher


  • Dual Filter
  • Step Filter
  • WahWah
  • MorphFilter


  • Chorus, StudioChorus*, Flanger, Phaser
  • Tremolo, Vibrato
  • AutoPan
  • Cloner*
  • Rotary
  • Tranceformer
  • RingModulator, ModMachine*
  • Metalizer
  • LoopMash FX


  • MonoDelay
  • StereoDelay
  • PingPongDelay
  • MixerDelay*


  • MonoToStereo
  • StereoEnhancer




  • PitchCorrect
  • Octaver
  • Tuner



Mastering & Tools

  • VST Connect SE 3*
  • UV22 HR
  • Multiscope*
  • SMPTE Generator*
  • Test Generator*
  • Mix6to2*
  • MixConvert*
  • Surround Panner*

*Exclusively available in Cubase Pro