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This product series has been discontinued.

Why MR816

The MR816 CSX and MR816 X fuse fully featured FireWire interfaces and inbuilt DSP FX power with next-generation integrative technologies. Developed by Steinberg and Yamaha, both MR interfaces are the centerpiece of a latency-free recording and monitoring environment that fully exploits the flexibility and power of Cubase.

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Top Features

  • True Integrated Monitoring: no latency and dynamic 1:1 hardware/software mirroring
  • Complete Cubase user interface integration throughout
  • 8 discrete Class A analogue D-PRE mic preamps with advanced inverted Darlington circuits, gain control and phantom power
  • Quick Connect: next-generation of plug and play
  • DSP power for Cubase: VST 3 onboard DSP-powered FX

Artist Testimonial

"I bought my MR816 CSX because I needed to have a high quality mobile interface to use with Nuendo in the studio and on tour. I was staggered by the quality of the convertors and mike pre-amps. I've found it both musical and transparent and it has been totally reliable."

— Steve Rothery

Latest MR Update

Version 1.7 includes several main revisions and enhancements: 64-bit compatibility on Mac OS X, Cubase 6 support, as well as several enhancements.


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