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How Dorico is better

Dorico includes many unique features that other scoring applications just don’t have.

From the world experts

Dorico is designed by the team that developed Sibelius, with over 100 years’ experience between them. Starting from a blank sheet of paper, they have created a new masterpiece, in consultation with expert musicians, engravers and publishers. And backed by Steinberg, world leaders in audio, Dorico is the future-proof program everyone will still be using decades from now.

Flexible input and editing

Other scoring programs can produce good results, but this needs advance planning and patience, like writing text on a typewriter. Whereas Dorico is like a word processor, letting you edit, adapt and re-write with complete freedom. So it’s the only scorewriter you can compose or arrange straight into, without needing to fix the notation afterwards. And its streamlined note input and user interface feel so natural, you’ll soon forget you’re using software at all.

Revolutionary cues

Cues help the performers keep their place in the music by showing music from another player before important entries or solos. They are crucial — but adding cues to instrumental parts is one of the most time-consuming aspects of preparing performance materials. Dorico is the only scoring software to link cues dynamically to their source material. So if you need to revise the work, you don’t need to lift a finger to ensure the cues are updated: it’s completely automatic.

Flexible percussion

In other scoring software, writing for unpitched percussion instruments requires a lot of planning ahead. Dorico allows you to assign as many percussion instruments as you like to individual players, freely move them between them as needed, and their parts are updated automatically. Conserve space in the conductor’s score by showing percussion condensed onto regular staves, but make the individual parts clearer for the players by breaking each instrument out onto its own line. Dorico’s support for percussion is unparalleled.

Superb engraving

Dorico has the best music engraving of any program. Developed in consultation with leading engravers and music publishers, it applies hundreds of automatic rules to produce first-class results without manual tweaking. Dorico incorporates far more expertise, research, algorithms and options than any other scorewriter ever developed.

Sequencing built in

Dorico is the only professional scorewriter with a sequencer-style piano roll editor for fine adjustments to playback. Control VST 3 instruments directly, and define VST Expression Maps to access advanced playing techniques in your sample libraries.

Advanced notations

Dorico’s rich support for advanced notations opens up whole new possibilities for your music. Write freely in open meter, adding or deleting barlines wherever you like. Create any number of voices on a staff, tuplets of any complexity — even across barlines — and slurs with any number of curves. Define your own tonality systems, dividing the octave into any number of steps, with custom accidentals and key signatures.

Page layout

Producing consistent page layouts in other programs can be very time-consuming, but Dorico makes it easy. It supports chainable music, text and graphics frames, giving you sophisticated DTP-style control. Define and apply master pages with automatic page numbers, headers and footers, and override the layout of individual pages wherever you like.

Multiple movements

Handling scores that contain multiple movements, songs, exercises, etc. is a chore in other programs — but in Dorico it’s simple. No time-consuming adjustments are needed to deal with changes of instrumentation, key or time signature. You can even change staff size mid-score.

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