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dspMixFx for iPad and iPhone

Giving control over all the DSP features of the UR interfaces, the free dspMixFx for iOS is a convenient tool for every UR user who is also using an iPad and iPhone.

Key features

  • Control of all DSP features like DSP mixer and DSP effects
  • Works with UR242, UR44, UR28M and UR824*
  • No-latency DSP-powered monitoring with the iPad and the iPhone
  • Convenient operation
  • Works with other iOS audio apps

* Units need to be switched to class compliant mode to run with the iPhone and iPad In CC mode Loopback capability is disabled and only the analog inputs and outputs are available on UR28M and UR824.

Firmware update

To use the dspMixFx app you need the firmware version 2.1 for your UR interface. Please make sure you have installed the latest firmware.

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UR series of audio interfaces

Built to an extremely high manufacturing and component standard, Steinberg's UR audio interfaces are perfect recording and production solutions for ambitious musicians and professional engineers alike.

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All power to DSP

Powered by Yamaha’s custom-designed SSP2 DSP chip, you can enjoy the benefits of dspMixFx technology, which offers latency-free monitoring together with highly acclaimed FX.

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