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Smart Click — Your metronome app

Smart Click brings one of the most accurate metronomes to your iOS handhelds. We have paid special attention to its usability and design by providing an easy and quick way to access the app. Smart Click’s easy-to-use interface lets you focus on practising effectively and improving your ability to play in time. And to make it even better yet this metronome app allows you to choose different time signatures and four types of accents for each beat. Four different sounds including the well-known Cubase click and the in-app volume control give you the most comfortable experience. Stay in time — wherever you are!

Key features

  • Accurate metronome engine
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Visual assistant
  • Various metronome modes
  • Multiple ways to enter your tempo
  • New Feature4 different sound sets
  • New FeatureIn-app volume control

Keeping in time with the music’s pace

The metronome is one of the most essential tools for all musicians who practise hard. Not only does it provide you with an indication of the music’s tempo, it also helps to improve your rhythm control. With Smart Click you get a free metronome app for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch designed to make easy tempo adjustments by touch screen. And you can carry it in your pocket, place it on the music stand or keep it close by. Its precise time engine will make sure that you never miss a beat and that you stay on tempo at all times.

I love being able to shift time signatures and accents so easily with Smart Click. There’s something even a little inspiring in being able to change the tempo and the other musical parameters so quickly, and it’s a very useful tool when trying out those rhythmically complex ideas I tend to use.

— Eyal Amir, keyboardist

Dude this metronome is absolutely awesome! Best one I've seen for iOS! And it goes up to 500 BPM! Haha death metal drummers everywhere gonna be sweating!

— John Browne, Monuments

System requirements and support

Smart Click requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


If you need support for Smart Click, please visit the Smart Click support forum.


Read the manual here: Smart Click manual

The project around Smart Click

Smart Click is the result of a first-accomplishment trainee project at Steinberg. This is an opportunity for young talents to play in the big leagues for the first time, letting them develop and market a product, while learning to set objectives and remaining focused on achieving them.

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