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  • 01Conjuration3:08
  • 02Plucked Bowed Beaten2:31
  • 03Heavens Dance2:03
  • 04Light And Shadow3:25
  • 05Fata Morgana2:10
  • 06Acoustic Ocean2:32
  • 07Dissonant World2:35
  • 08Ebow Tale3:03
  • 09Broken Nostalgia3:13
  • 10Ambient Floater3:47
  • 11Marching Strangers1:55
  • 12Penta Galaxies1:44
  • 13Burning Amps Unbridled2:29

Granular Guitars

Granular Guitars is the second exclusive VST Sound Instrument Set created by sound designer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Simon Stockhausen. Adding to the sound libraries of Padshop and Padshop Pro Granular Guitars spans nearly three gigabytes worth of studio-grade recorded samples, covering various acoustic and electric guitars as well as providing more exotic instruments like psaltery, celtic harp and oud played in traditional styles, plus experimental ways of treating the guitar. With 260 presets, Granular Guitars includes big cinematic soundscapes, beds and pads, beautiful fragile textures, plucked string sounds morphed into alien noises, heavy metal sounds and overdriven guitar screams clashed with divine New Age sounds.

  • 260 new presets with outstanding sounds designed by sound designer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Simon Stockhausen
  • About 3 GB of exclusively recorded samples including guitars and experimental content
  • Available as download only
  • Windows and Mac installer included

About Simon Stockhausen

Simon Stockhausen began his stellar musical career at the age of five. His multi-faceted and wide-ranging oeuvre has since embraced all manner of projects and styles, including jazz and improvisational collaborations, countless compositions for ensembles and chamber groups as well as work for major European theatre companies and orchestras including the Hamburg and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestras. In 2009 he further extended the range of his musical endeavors with the creation of a sound design company through which he produces sounds, patches and libraries for software synths and plug-ins, serving sound designers, musicians and post production professionals.

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