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Simon Phillips Jazz Drums: Played with sticks and brushes

Simon Phillips Jazz Drums expansion brings the renowned, award-winning jazz flair of this legendary drummer to Groove Agent 4 and Groove Agent 4 SE for the first time. Featuring brush hits and patterns, this new library gives you the tools to produce a wide range of jazz beats with great feel and sound.


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Key features

  • 20 original Simon Phillips styles for jazz, with funk, swing, Latin and blues influences
  • Exclusive drum solo MIDI grooves created with Simon Phillips
  • A wide range of brush hits and patterns
  • Tuneable room and overhead channels for kick, snare and toms
  • All Styles variable in complexity and intensity from within Groove Agent’s Style Player



  • Each Style includes several intros, fills and endings
  • Recordings made on a unique prototype Tama drum kit owned and played by Simon Phillips
  • Recorded by Simon Phillips at Phantom Recordings Studio in Los Angeles, USA
  • Kit pieces include kick drum, 4 toms, hi-hats, 3 rides and crash cymbal from Simon Phillips’ private collection

Large library of unique, high-quality sounds

Simon Phillips Jazz Drums features 20 Groove Agent styles, over 560 MIDI files, 9500 samples and 7,6 GB of high-quality sounds, all recorded on a unique prototype Tama drum kit — exclusively produced for Simon with shells of a maple/bubinga mix — plus 22″ and 24″ cymbals from Simon’s extensive private collection. All hits were recorded with a range of velocities, dynamics and alternatives.

Included instruments

Snare drum

  • Tama Snare 14"


  • Crash 18"
  • Ride 19"
  • Ride 22"
  • Ride 24"

 All trademarks and brands referenced in the list of drums recorded are used for information purposes only and are property of their respective holders. Steinberg Media Technolgies GmbH is not related in any kind of association or endorsement to the respective manufactures.

Precision recording

This library was created with Simon Phillips’ exclusive prototype Tama drum kit. The maple/bubinga mix shells produce a unique sound, captured in meticulous detail using only the highest-quality equipment. This included Rode, Shure and Sennheiser microphones and preamps/EQs by Rupert Neve Designs, Burl and Elysia Nvelope, which recorded every beat and nuance in precise, musical detail.

The most expressive Styles

Expressiveness is one of the most important features of jazz drumming. Simon Phillips Jazz Drums features 20 Styles, including Jazz, Jazz Funk, Swing, Latin Jazz, Bossanova and Reggae. Every Style can be varied in complexity, intensity and includes several intros, fills and endings to create complete great jazz drum tracks with simplicity and precision. Check out the preset list

About Simon Phillips

Simon Phillips is one of the world’s most renowned and respected drummers, whose style highlights both his technical gift and his musical sensibility. Simon’s drumming is renowned for its expressiveness, emotion and feel, with his presence a highlight at numerous jazz festivals. His jazz fusion albums Protocol I-IV have received universal acclaim, with Protocol II crowned a winner at the annual Independent Music Awards in 2015.

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