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Zero Gravity

With 250 new presets and a fully loaded new SoftGrain Wave ROM, Zero Gravity is the first expansion pack for Steinberg’s Padshop and Padshop Pro VST granular synthesizers.
Designed by several international sound programmers as well as Steinberg’s own sound department, Zero Gravity demonstrates once again the fascinating opportunities of the Padshop audio engine.
The new SoftGrain Wave ROM is equipped with spectacular sample material to fuel Padshop’s granular synthesis engine. With sound sources ranging from synthetic and drones to natural FX and voices, there are more than enough samples to get deep into the world of grains.

  • 250 new presets with outstanding sounds from top-level international sound designers
  • New SoftGrain Wave ROM with 150 new samples, including synths, FM, drones, FX, voices and drums
  • Windows and Mac installer included



Zero Gravity is an expansion pack for Steinberg's Padshop and Padshop Pro VST granular synthesizers. The presets make use of the new Padshop Pro effects and may sound different in Padshop. Customers who own Padshop can purchase a special upgrade to Padshop Pro including Zero Gravity for a reduced price. In the Padshop Pro full retail version Zero Gravity is already included.

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Padshop is included in Cubase 7/7.5, Cubase Artist 7/7.5, Cubase 6.5, Cubase Artist 6.5 and Nuendo 6 NEK. Padshop Pro is included in Absolute VST Instrument Collection. Both versions are also available for purchase as VST instruments for VST 3, VST 2 and AU compatible host applications.