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VST Sound Loop Sets

A VST Sound Loop Set provides an inspiring palette of sounds and loops for one specific genre. Prolific producers and brilliant sound designers are teaming up with Steinberg to provide an authentic and up-to-date collection of high-quality sounds — well-tailored to a distinctive music style, whether it is minimal or jazz, new metal or dub, ambient or funk. Conveniently laid out in construction kits and instantly accessible through the Cubase and Sequel MediaBay, VST Sound Loop Sets give you ready-to-use loops at an attractive price.

Sound Loops Sets are compatible with Sequel 2/Sequel LE 2 or higher, Sequel LE Campus, Cubase 4.5/Cubase Studio 4.5/Cubase Essential 4.5 or higher, Cubase 6/Cubase Artist 6/Cubase Elements 6/Cubase LE 6/Cubase AI 6 or higher and Nuendo 4.3. or higher. Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6.8 and later versions or Windows XP servicepack 3 and later versions.


Avant-Garde Sounds & Surreal Worlds

Klanghaus lets you dive into the world of experimental sounds and artistic sonic colors. All sounds of this lavish VST Sound Loop Set were created by Hamburg-based musician and composer Ferdinand Försch and are based on the extraordinary sound installations and sonic sculptures he builds and plays at music festivals all over the world. Mainly focusing on percussion and rhythmic patterns, the loops and samples seamingly combine with all types of electronic, ambient, cinematic or experimental music productions. With the Klanghaus sound, you’re giving your productions a new, unique character.

Ferdinand Försch

German musician and composer Ferdinand Försch has been creating musical instruments, sonic sculptures and sound installations for quite a long time. Since 1982 he has invented more than 100 unique musical instruments made from various materials. His innovative solo performances and exhibitions can be admired at international festivals around the globe.

Guitar Spheres

Ambient Vibes & Atmospheres

Get inspired for your next big soundtrack or ambient production by the massive loop library included in the Guitar Spheres VST Sound Loop Set. Over 300 exclusively recorded guitar loops, including a wide range of effect-laden spheres and ambient moods, let this loop set fit seamlessly into any of your cinematique projects. Solely focused on guitars, the set includes multiple construction kits with different parts and complemental loops recorded with the finest acoustic and electric guitars. Tagged with tempo and pitch all loops can be easily dragged into your projects and are just waiting to be used for your ideas.

Platinum Guitars

Hot Rhythms & Catchy Riffs

It’s getting hot with the ultimate guitar loop set for your productions. With over 300 exclusively recorded loops the Platinum Guitars VST Sound Loop Set comprises an excellent selection of rhythm phrases, leads and riffs for modern pop, electronic and house music. Dedicated entirely to guitars, the set includes more than 26 construction kits with different parts and complemental loops recorded with the finest acoustic and electric guitars. Expand your library with Platinum Guitars to refine your sound with six-string supremacy.



Massive beats and grimy basslines

The Dubstep VST Sound Loop Set adds the flair of the latest UK underground movement to your production. Conveniently laid out in 28 construction kits, this collection contains a distinctive range of pumping beats, slamming breaks and wobbling basses from the deepest corners of London’s electronic music scene. Dubstep is the perfect addition to the sound libraries of all music producers who spend every hour looking for the next sub bass anthem.

Indie Rock

Melodic hooks and hard-edged licks

The Indie Rock VST Sound Loop Set includes hand-made independent rock at its best. Ranging from melancholic acoustic guitar rhythms to powerful raw leads, this loop collection portrays the sound of modern alternative music played in garages and rehearsal rooms all over the world. Conveniently laid out in 25 construction kits, the Indie Rock VST Sound Loop Set is a reliable go-to source for inspiration and creativity.

Nu Metal

Rugged riffs and power chords

The Nu Metal VST Sound Loop Set brings back the energy of metal core’s high times. Aggressive riffs and powerful chords paired with grooving drum loops, all conveniently laid out in 11 extenisive construction kits, transform your production room into a mosh pit. All sounds and loops were exclusively recorded and selected for this distinctive collection and contain all of nu metal’s facets from down-tuned guitars to growling vocals.


Club bangers and street anthems

The Urban VST Sound Loop Set boasts a variety of modern hip-hop, R’n’B and soul loops conveniently laid out in 24 construction kits. Ranging from down beat crunk anthems to up-tempo club bangers, this loop set offers a broad spectrum of contemporary urban music. All loops were exclusively recorded for this collection to meet the heart and soul of today’s city life.

Sample Magic Serie

Sample Magic is a series of four faithfully recorded loop collections for electronic music aficionados. Steinberg has collaborated with London-based sound vendor Sample Magic to compile a best-of collection of their "zeitgeist-surfing" pool of sounds. Ranging from minimal to ambient and prog house to electro, each of the sets delivers a variety of loops for leading-edge electronic productions.

Producer, DJ and sound designer Sharooz was the one in charge of recording the sounds for this library. Having remixed the likes of Gossip, Moby and Kings of Leon, the multi-talented workaholic is also co-founder of both the La Bombe record label and the Sample Magic sound design company. By combining the best in analog recording equipment with the latest digital processing, he created an electrifying and truly inspiring sound collection for high-quality music productions.

Ambient Lounge

Ambient Lounge is a slow-to-mid-tempo loop collection for modern-day ambient productions. Jazzy, real world percussion and organic basses collide with mellow bells and dub-drenched textures to provide a truly soulful sound library for electronic music producers. Conveniently laid out in 24 construction kits, this distinctive set of loops ranges from natural to cutting edge and is a valuable addition to your existing sound library.

Electronic Mode

Electronic Mode enhances your sound library with a club-proven selection of electronic loops. Comprising four-to-the-floor beats, propulsive bass lines and Paris-flavored synths, this chameleon-like collection is perfect for dance floor addicts and electronic music producers alike. From London to Lisbon and Berlin to Barcelona, this loop collection brings the latest European club sounds right to your fingertips.

Progressive House

Inspired by the latest flavors in the progressive house genre, this addictive loop collection provides a variety of arpeggiated synth leads, crystal-clear chord stabs and floor-filling drum sounds. Complemented by far-out sound effects and thick bass loops, Progressive House is an indispensable companion for producers of contemporary house music. A total of 34 construction kits provides a rich palette of inspiring audio loops for your productions.

Minimal Sessions

Thunderous basses, swirling effects and pared-down drums — Minimal Sessions is a club-worthy loop collection that is tailored to maximize the sonic taste of your minimal techno productions. With a selection of noises, bits and clicks and a beautiful touch of dissonance, this loop set transfers the latest Berlin-to-Detroit sounds to your workstation. 34 construction kits are included to add minimal aesthetics to any techno-based production.