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Iconica Ensembles

Ensembles to inspire the brightest ideas

Iconica Ensembles is an outstanding collection of over 40 specially-crafted string, brass, woodwind and percussion presets, designed to stimulate ideas and help create music in a range of styles for movie, TV, pop/rock music and gaming projects. Developed with leading orchestral samples company Orchestral Tools, Iconica Ensembles is an inspirational tool which makes great composition fast and powerful.

Supplied with Steinberg’s free HALion Sonic SE 3, Iconica Ensembles is compatible with any DAW using VST, AAX or AU.


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When playing Iconica Ensembles for the first time I knew it was a very special library. Iconica Ensembles provides an opportunity for composers and artists to experience these beautiful and inspiring sounds in a smaller more accessible library with the larger Iconica Sections & Players at its heart. I found an immediacy and ease of creating moving and exciting arrangements that really impressed me. At times it felt like the library itself was taking me on a journey while I explored the presets.
— Simeon Amburgey / PraiseTracks

Iconica Ensembles has a beautiful, modern and very organic sound. For me, the library also works great together with electronic sounds. Thanks to the easy handling I can work really fast with the library in any project. It's a must-have not only for film musicians.
— Manuel Meyer / zKlang, producer, artist and performer

Created for creatives

The inspiration behind Iconica Ensembles

Producing high-quality orchestral music is a time-consuming and detailed task. With over 40 different presets and perfectly-matched, beautifully detailed sections of strings, brass, woodwind and percussion, Iconica Ensembles is designed to make it as straightforward as possible for composers to meet short deadlines, produce musical sketches or develop ideas

Recorded in legendary Funkhaus Berlin with Orchestral Tools

Iconica Ensembles was recorded by specialist company Orchestral Tools in Studio 2 of the legendary Funkhaus Berlin, known throughout the world for its recordings of movie soundtracks, TV series and major classical works.

All sounds were captured using a range of the highest-quality DPA, Neumann and Sennheiser microphones, every one carefully chosen and placed to precisely match the sonic characteristics of each instrument. The result is exceptionally detailed and beautifully balanced.

Inspirational orchestral excellence

Exactly like a real orchestra

A key to great orchestral music is getting the positional balance between each section of instruments just right. With correct orchestral layout settings included in every preset, Iconica Ensembles makes getting this balance correct fast and easy. All Iconica Ensembles presets were recorded with each section of the orchestra in its correct place. This means that, when you are playing or mixing a piece, it sounds exactly like a real orchestra. This means that, when you are playing or mixing a piece, it sounds exactly like a real orchestra sitting in front of you.

Microphone mixing

The Mixer Page allows you to assign an output to each of the microphone positions used to record every preset, as well as controlling the volume and load status (which provides different room perspectives). This further helps you to include very finely nuanced sound in every composition.

Expressive and efficient

The unique Note Expression and Expression Maps of Iconica Ensembles’ VST 3 format means you can create unique textures and aleatoric effects. Further individuality is possible thanks to the different articulations which are available via the innovative Cell Rack, a fast and intuitive way to experiment and compose impressive music on the fly.

Always in tune with your inspiration

The Tuning Scale function allows you to tune Iconica Ensembles to a number of different scales. The default setting is Equal Temperament, but this can be easily set to a range of alternatives — even to change while playing a note — either for artistic reasons or to conform to a different tuning standard. For example, this could be when writing/accompanying period pieces.

Presets and Articulations


Iconica Ensembles

  • Over 40 presets of exceptional orchestral ensembles for many different styles of music
  • Designed to make composition, idea development and musical sketching fast and efficient
  • Every sample and preset recorded in stunning sound quality
  • All presets feature different expressions for the greatest realism
  • Correct orchestral positioning for every sound
  • Supplied as a 45 GB compressed download via Steinberg Download Assistant
  • HALion library compatible with VST 3, AAX, VST 2 (Windows only) and AU
  • Free HALion Sonic SE 3 included

The ultimate orchestral bundle

Iconica Opus

Iconica Opus combines Iconica Sections & Players and Iconica Ensembles in the ultimate package for powerful composition. With over 190 GB of compressed audio samples and presets, Iconica Opus delivers exceptional sound quality, flexibility and realism for every situation where the sound of an orchestra is required.

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