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Iconica Sections & Players

Orchestrated for masterpieces

Iconica Sections & Players brings exceptional modern orchestral expression to every composer. Featuring over 145 GB of strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, and harp samples, with a huge variety of expressions and articulations, the advanced, user-friendly interface makes it very intuitive to use, speeding and inspiring new composition. Recorded in the legendary Funkhaus Berlin with partner Orchestral Tools, it is the ideal composition tool for movie scores, classical music, pop, rock, jazz or hip hop.

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This product is a game changer for the HALion platform! The orchestral sounds recorded with great acoustics convince me to such an extent that I previously only knew from specialized libraries.
— David Christiansen, film composer for Disney, Pixar and The Witcher III

Iconica is a really terrific-sounding orchestral library that checks a lot of the boxes for me. Most important is that it is quick and easy to use. The interface is intuitive and the patches are programmed in a way that you can get great-sounding results very quickly. It is a solid and welcome addition to my workflow.
— Danny Lux, Grey's Anatomy, Manifest, Boston Legal, Halloween Resurrection

Intimately detailed recordings from a legendary Berlin studio

Iconica Sections & Players is the only orchestral library recorded entirely at the legendary Funkhaus Berlin, renowned for its recordings of movie soundtracks, TV series, and major classical works. Produced in collaboration with specialist company Orchestral Tools, the samples were recorded by 76 musicians — including 50 players just for the strings — in Studio 2, a 400m2 room with a 10,5m floor to ceiling height and a pleasing reverb time of around 1.5 seconds. Recorded over the course of a month, the acoustic separation of Funkhaus Berlin’s studios guarantees crystal-clear samples which capture the sounds of the orchestra in perfect, intimate detail.

The modern art of the orchestra

Advanced legato created especially for players

Iconica Sections & Players features Steinberg’s state-of-the-art Adaptive True Legato, which makes note progressions sound exceptionally realistic, while being very intuitive. The behavior of the transition adapts automatically to the speed of input, the legato sounding shorter when the tempo is faster and longer when it is slower. This gives passages an incredibly natural sound and feel.

Impressively expressive

With many different articulations available for each section, the innovative Cell Rack holds up to 16 loaded articulations in an X/Y grid and offers several ways of moving between them. Showing at a glance both the currently active articulation and the selected articulation (which may not be active), it is a fast and intuitive way to experiment and compose impressive music on the fly.

The key to creativity

Each cell in the Cell Rack is assigned to a keyswitch, which can be allocated to any note value by double-clicking on the note name and entering a value, or clicking on the note name and dragging your mouse up/down. One cell can only be assigned to a single keyswitch, but one keyswitch can be assigned to multiple cells, allowing you to stack articulations.

Always in tune with your inspiration

The Tuning Scale function allows you to tune Iconica Sections & Players to a number of different scales. The default setting is Equal Temperament, but this can be easily set to a range of alternatives — even to change while playing a note — either for artistic reasons or to conform to a different tuning standard. For example, this could be when writing/accompanying period pieces.

Different microphone positions for perfect nuances

All the instruments in Iconica Sections & Players were recorded with a range of different microphone positions. These are accessed via the Mixer Page, which also lets you assign an output to each position, plus controlling its volume and load status (which provides different room perspectives). There are several different microphone positions for each instrument, ensuring perfectly nuanced sound at all times.

Presets and Articulations

Created with Orchestral Tools

Iconica Sections & Players has been created in collaboration with leading orchestral samples company Orchestral Tools. Well respected for its high-end orchestral libraries, like the Berlin Series and Metropolis Ark, Orchestral Tools worked with Steinberg to record the samples in one of its longest ever sessions. Both companies are extremely proud of Iconica which delivers a complete solution for orchestral productions and sound design.

Quick overview

  • Over 145 GB of compressed audio
  • Wide range of strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, and harp
  • Intimately detailed audio quality
  • Adaptive True Legato for exceptionally realistic note progressions
  • Innovative Cell Rack makes experimenting fast and intuitive
  • Tuning Scale function for different scales
  • Range of different microphone positions
  • Recorded in the legendary Berlin Funkhaus
  • Iconica Sections & Players is a HALion library
  • Free HALion Sonic SE included

Iconica Ensembles

Tons of presets and 45 GB of carefully handcrafted orchestral ensembles for different styles of music.

  • Produce great results in next to no time.
  • Makes composition fast and agile, with the great sound which defines Iconica.
  • Designed for modern productions and projects which have to be completed under heavy time pressure

Iconica Opus

A bundle combining Iconica Sections & Players and Ensembles in one product.

  • Delivers the exceptional sound and intuitive operation of Sections and Players with the production power and flexibility of Ensembles.
  • More than 190 GB of samples and ensembles.
  • The ultimate production tool for every modern composer.