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Neo Soul Keys®

Experience the most authentic virtual electric piano that brings that certain something to the table. Based on the powerful HALion engine and equipped with an elaborate interface Neo Soul Keys not only recreates the most legendary electric piano of all times but truly stands out in the studio as well as on stage.

Key features

  • Faithful sampling of original Mark I suitcase piano with multiple velocity layers of sustain, release, and staccato notes
  • Elaborate interface for direct access and intuitive workflows
  • VST Amp simulation with 6 different classic amp types
  • Premium effect section including tube distortion, chorus, flanger, phaser, delay, reverb and virtual wah pedal
  • Vintage modeled vibrato with intensity and speed control
  • Realistic sounds with bell, pedal and key noises level controls
  • Authentic bass, mid and treble boost to recreate the original sound
  • Adjustable velocity curves for individual playing behavior
  • Dedicated “bark” samples for classic grit sounds for authentic vintage sounds
  • Virtual microphone simulation with axis and off axis positioning and condensed and tube microphone types
  • MIDI learn and automation functions for all parameters
  • VST 3, VST 2 and AU host compatibility
  • Full accessability in HALion Sonic (1.6.2 or higher), HALion Sonic SE  and HALion (4.5.3 or higher)
  • Cross-platform 32-/64-bit for Windows and Mac OS X Intel

Absolutely authentic

Driven by passion and the goal to reproduce the exact sound, feel and playability of the legendary Mark I suitcase piano, Steinberg created in collaboration with Gospel Musicians the most authentic sounding virtual e-piano experience ever.

Faithfully sampled with multiple velocity layers for sustain, release and "barking" staccato notes, Neo Soul Keys shines in regard to realism and playability by comprising that "certain something" that players are seeking from their instrument.

Based on the powerful HALion engine and equipped with an elaborate interface, Neo Soul Keys more than just recreates the most famous e-piano of all times but scintillates in the studio as well as on stage.

With lots of love for detail and the proper respect for the classics alongside the fascination for innovation, Neo Soul Keys proves to be a versatile instrument for all kinds of vintage styles such as soul, funk, gospel and jazz but also contemporary productions like hip hop, R’n’B, neo soul, pop and house music.

Amped and ready

Backed up by Steinberg’s highly acclaimed VST Amp Rack technology, Neo Soul Keys encompasses a huge variations of sounds for all kinds of moods and feels. Whether you are looking for creamy vintage warmth, barking gritty grunge or punchy clean funk, with its phenomenal-sounding engine Neo Soul Keys exceeds the expectations in every way.

Equipped with a full set of high-class studio effects including vibrato, tube distortion, flanger, phaser, chorus, delay, reverb  and a wah pedal, Neo Soul Keys is the all-in-one instrument for authentic electric piano sounds.

The over 40 included presets offer a wide range of tastes and flavors and adumbrate the infinite combinations of effects and sound tweaking options that give musicians the ultimate freedom to create their individual sound.

About Jamal Hartwell

The Neo Soul Keys VST instrument was created in partnership with Gospel Musicians to bring one of the best-sounding virtual e-piano libraries to the HALion platform. Jamal Hartwell, the president and founder of Gospel Musicians, worked closely together with Steinberg to enhance the faithfully recorded samples with the capabilities of the HALion technology.

Born in Akron, Ohio, Jamal Hartwell started playing the organ for his church at the age of 16. While continuing his ear training playing for local churches, he then attended Case Western Reserve University and pursued a degree in electrical engineering and applied physics. With, Jamal established one of the top sites for gospel musicians and urban music. From plug-ins, keyboard sounds, instruction and software tools, Gospel Musicians prides itself on producing resources for the urban musician.

Neo-Soul Keys is a registered trademark of Jamal Hartwell in the United States and other countries.

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