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  • 01Chopin (Close)4:55
  • 02Chopin (Player)4:48
  • 03Hands in the pocket (Close)0:52
  • 04Hands in the Pocket (Player)0:52
  • 05Mussorgski (Close)1:26
  • 06Mussorgski (Player)1:26
  • 07Skrjabin (Close)1:16
  • 08Skrjabin (Player)1:16

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  • 01Hands in the pocket (Close)0:52
  • 02Hands in the Pocket (Player)0:52
  • 03Mussorgski (Close)1:26
  • 04Mussorgski (Player)1:26
  • 05Skrjabin (Close)1:16
  • 06Skrjabin (Player)1:16
  • 07Chopin (Close)4:51
  • 08Chopin (Player)4:54

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  • 01Skrjabin (Close)1:16
  • 02Skrjabin (Player)1:16
  • 03Mussorgski (Close)1:26
  • 04Mussorgski (Player)1:26
  • 05Chopin (Close)4:53
  • 06Chopin (Player)4:50
  • 07Hands in the pocket (Close)0:52
  • 08Hands in the Pocket (Player)0:52

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  • 01Balade0:32
  • 02Rock0:28

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New Features

A first-rate collection of virtual pianos makes up the third version of The Grand 3, consisting foremost of three recorded models based on highly acclaimed grand pianos. Alongside two additional virtual pianos with the distinctive character of the vintage Yamaha CP80 Electric Grand and the upright by Nordiska Pianofabriken.

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"Fantastically realistic and expressive, The Grand 3 has raised the bar in creating an instrument that truly inspires musical creativity."

— Erran Baron Cohen, music producer and film score composer
(Borat, Da Ali G Show and Brüno)


View the shiny details that propel The Grand 3 to a new standard.

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The Grand line-up

The Grand 3 or The Grand SE 3 — check out the Grand line-up and find out which version is right for you.

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The Grand is part of the Absolute VST Instrument Collection.

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