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The VST Connect line-up

VST Connect Pro

Steinberg VST Connect Pro is a complete remote recording solution that lets you collaborate with any musician with an Internet connection and a computer anywhere on the planet. Data encryption, multi-track recording, live video chat, audio stream protection and MIDI support make geographical distance irrelevant to studio production workflows.

VST Connect SE

VST Connect SE is your entry into the world of remote recording. Easily set up in just a few clicks, the SE version of Steinberg’s remote recording solution is a fast and easy way to collaborate with musicians around the world. Video chat, live talkback and support for lossless audio quality make online collaboration with other Cubase users quick and creative.

Concise comparison chart

VST Connect Pro
VST Connect SE
Supported platforms 64-Bit Windows 7/8.x/10
OS X 10.11 / macOS 10.12 / macOS 10.13
64-Bit Windows 7/8.x/10
OS X 10.11 / macOS 10.12 / macOS 10.13
64-bit support Logo green Logo green
Plug-in format VST 3 VST 3
Encrypted transfer Logo green
Multi-channel support Up to 16 tracks Stereo
MIDI send/receive Logo green/Logo green Logo green/Logo green
Video chat Logo green Logo green
Talkback Logo green Logo green
Cue mix Logo green Logo green
LAN support Logo green
Downstream transfer of uncompressed audio files Logo green
HD audio resolution Logo green
Highest bitrate upstream 320 kbit/s or lossless 320 kbit/s
Studio Pass Supported Not supported

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