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Crossgrade Products

Many Steinberg products are available as crossgrade versions at a discounted price. To acquire such a version, you must own a software product that is eligible for the corresponding crossgrade.

How to obtain a crossgrade product:

For the purchase of crossgrade products you need to provide proof of eligibility. The proof must be submitted as a file and uploaded to the appropriate place in the Steinberg Online Shop.

We only accept proofs that are legible and uploaded meeting one of the following requirements:

  • A copy of your purchase receipt for the original license or the most recent update/upgrade
  • A screenshot of your product registration
  • A photo of your package (either CD/DVD or printed manual), with the unique serial number included in the photo.

Please note that for educational crossgrades we require additional proof that entitles you to purchase education products.

Cubase Pro 11 Competitive Crossgrade

Dorico Pro 3.5 Competitive Crossgrade

Nuendo 11 Crossgrades

SpectraLayers Pro 7 Competitive Crossgrade

HALion 6 Crossgrade

HALion 6 Crossgrade

$ 249.99

without VAT

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