Expression Maps Update

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Expression Maps Update

Post by cmbsa »

I'm trying to setup a new session template for the 3rd time using Expression Maps. I'm going crazy again, just like the times before, because the Expression Maps Setup is so very basic and lacks the most simple features any tool or software should have: copy/paste, edit info in multiple slots etc... (isn't this why computers were developed in the first place?)
It takes time to figure out the best solution for my template. But it cannot be - that naming, selecting and assigning very simple CC and KS data takes me hours, only to find out later that "thats not how i really want it". But changing very few parameters takes more and more hours, cause i have to do it manually. This is not how it should be in 2016.
I love how expression maps works in theory, but its just too much hassle. I don't know how you other guys do it really...

For those few Maps that work (Spitfire UACC system is great), I haven't changed a thing, cause I can't bear having to click through the slots one by one. But usually I like adapting the software to my workflow as much as possible.

Steinberg people: please take a good look at Expression Maps edit functions etc. for the next update, that would be amazing.
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Re: Expression Maps Update

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Expression Maps seems to be in beta form and like so many other areas of Cubase (such as midi inserts) it has been orphaned. I hope they don't consider this feature done. Please no! It's not made for large maps for instance, according to the resolution of your screen, the lanes may totally disappear and when using too many, it takes a long time to scroll down to the bottom of the editor. It does not seem very well engineered.

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Re: Expression Maps Update

Post by profezeus »


I would definitely love to see an update as well.
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