Plug ins missing.

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Re: Plug ins missing.

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PG wrote:Yes you can. Both can be installed on the same computer.
I tried Installing WL64 on my 32 bit WIN8.1 and I got the message "This can't be installed on this system..."
I kept trying all the alternatives I could think of with no luck.
It seems when I selected "Force plugin detection at next launch" it wasn't re-checking the plugins.
I finally updated to WL8.5 and it went through the detection and now everything works..

With this and other experiences being so difficult to reinstall system software because of all the different software licences from eLincencer / iLok / Serial / Challenge response / Online activation app / Wibu / etc . .
I will build a new 64 bit system from scratch to have as spare.
Stopping a busy studio is crazy. I hope someday we'll have a simplified copy protection system among vendors.


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Re: Plug ins missing.

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I think Philippe must have misread your question. WL32 can be installed on a 64-bit system, not vice versa.
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