Free Virtual Analog Synthesizer For iOS

Nanologue brings the power of VST 3 technology to the iOS platform. As a streamlined version of the acclaimed VST 3 synthesizer Retrologue, Nanologue sports a straightforward multi-touch interface and a great-sounding virtual analog synthesizer for monophonic leads and basses and can be used stand-alone and in connection with your iOS host application via Inter-App Audio.

Free of charge

Cross-modulation oscillator with two waveforms

Compatible with Inter-App Audio

50 ready-to-go presets

This is Nanologue

Boasting a wide scope of inspiring sounds and professional sound effects, the Nanologue is your first-choice monophonic synthesizer for all things music on iOS. Under the hood, Nanologue boasts a cross-modulation oscillator with two waveforms, glide, a VCF envelope, LFO, delay and a filter section with cutoff, resonance and distortion. With 50 presets the library offers a range of sounds and effects including leads, booming basses and astonishing effects. User presets can be exported to the Retrologue VST instrument, included in Cubase and Cubase Artist.

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