Record Your Live Concert

Nuendo Live is a solution designed especially for live-recording engineers, production houses and rental companies which puts an emphasis on reliability, user-friendly operation and superior sound quality. Nuendo Live enables live engineers to concentrate on what really counts: the show. Fiddling around with the details of recording is a thing of the past.

Seamless integration with Yamaha consoles

State-of-the-art recording quality

Advanced Session Management

Minimal setup time

Yamaha CL, QL and TF customers

If you already own a Nuendo Live license that was bundled with your Yamaha CL, QL or TF console, please download the available versions by clicking the following button.

Application Areas

From the smallest room to the biggest festival, from a solo performer to a huge ensemble, from the most inexperienced to the most professional operator, Nuendo Live is the perfect live recording solution for all.

Live Sound engineers

Nuendo Live is the perfect choice for live sound engineers looking to combine ease of use, uncompromising sound quality and utmost reliability. In demanding live situations there is no time to fiddle around with technical details and complex routing setups. Nuendo Live has numerous functions which automatically run in the background - such as auto-setup and auto-save - allowing you to concentrate only on the show. Thanks to its single-window approach, one-click functionality and direct access to all relevant information via the extra-large recording panel, Nuendo Live is the most intuitive live recording solution available. At the same time it can be used in literally any space where a live event is happening.

Rental companies

Live rental companies put an emphasis on reliability, ease of use and seamless installation - Nuendo Live has all of these covered! With its unique features such as the integrated Record Panel, the pre-record buffer or one-click access to all vital functions, Nuendo Live is perfectly suited for day-to-day use. The streamlined user interface avoids complicated layouts and menus, with most of the setup procedures performed automatically. A special software extension guarantees deep integration between Nuendo Live and Yamaha CL, QL and TF series digital mixing consoles. All important information, such as recording and project time, are displayed on the console’s touchscreen.

Live venues

Concert halls, clubs, pubs and any live venue equipped with their own PA gear and a live mixing console can benefit from Nuendo Live. With its recording quality, ease of use, reliability and failsafe functions like auto-save and pre-record, Nuendo Live can be used to generate extra income by making high quality recordings of any live event. And with Nuendo Live’s ease of installation, setup and no need for regular maintenance updates, it is very straightforward to include with the in-house audio system.

Performing artists

Quality live recordings are a great way for bands and other live artists to both promote themselves and record their legacy. Capturing every nuance of a live show, and the audience reaction, is essential to show the unique energy and experience of every live performance. The ease of use and reliability of Nuendo Live make it very straightforward for either an artist’s mix engineer - or a venue’s house engineer - to capture every special moment of the show.

Many further applications

One of the many advantages of Nuendo Live’s exceptional user-friendliness, ease of installation and setup is that it can be used by the most inexperienced operator. This makes it the perfect live recording solution for schools, churches, municipal halls and any other space where a live event takes place, but where technical experience of sound is not necessarily high. The Virtual Sound Check facility can help with setting up the audio system and, whether it is a school recital or play, traditional or contemporary worship, a local production or any kind of other performance, a high quality recording can easily be made. In post-production, the audio recordings can also be synchronized to video footage. Its ease of use also means that Nuendo Live can be used to help teach students about live recording.